5 steps to an epic family games night

Anyone for a games night? With winter coming up, nights in are about to be all the rage (since nights out are about to be too cold to bother). The start of  winter coincides with the start of #PrimaGamesFest  – a celebration of family fun and board games – which really plays into my favour.

With this in mind I thought I would share my “secrets” to an epic family games night. Or at least one that won’t leave anyone (apart from maybe a sore loser) in tears

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Our first family vlog (with FatAttack Beach Rides)

So I have decided to start a family vlog. I like video and love watching YouTube but when it comes to me myself, I’m not good with scripted stuff. Well, I was good enough to pass the video course at University with flying colours (throw a brag in there) but when it comes to my blog I prefer to just be “what you see is what you get” (also time constraints, guys!) This prompted the idea of doing a family vlog. I have a few fun things coming up this festive season so I thought, hey why not invite you into the Meyers Meanders for the next few weeks.

So I film on my phone, cut and paste and you get to see what we get up to and hopefully get a few ideas of things to do…Like riding a special bike on the sand…

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Tea with the queen of hearts

This weekend my aunt Desiree turned 50 and because she has the biggest heart EVER we wanted to spoil her for a change.

When she turned 45 all she asked was that instead of gifts we all pledged to give her a food parcel so she could start her dream of operating a soup kitchen…despite health issues keeping her from being able to work she does so much for the community that people were literally falling over their feet to help out at the party.

The theme for her party was “high tea” and each of the “girl cousins” hosted a table, it was so much fun to see everyone’s personality displayed through their tables (Mine is the one with the jars, because I love jars, duh)
I could not get pics of the hosts with their tables and with food  because pretty soon people were sitting down and my sister got sick so I was helping her out and you know, life… but here is a sneak preview 🙂

Setting up
Pretty in Pink
Wood Nymph
Regal Elegance
My Tropical tea
Peacock perfection
Classic Green
Mix and match prettiness
Lady in Red
Afro Chic
Garden party