Our first family vlog (with FatAttack Beach Rides)

So I have decided to start a family vlog. I like video and love watching YouTube but when it comes to me myself, I’m not good with scripted stuff. Well, I was good enough to pass the video course at University with flying colours (throw a brag in there) but when it comes to my blog I prefer to just be “what you see is what you get” (also time constraints, guys!) This prompted the idea of doing a family vlog. I have a few fun things coming up this festive season so I thought, hey why not invite you into the Meyers Meanders for the next few weeks.

So I film on my phone, cut and paste and you get to see what we get up to and hopefully get a few ideas of things to do…Like riding a special bike on the sand…

This weekend we tried out Fat bikes with Red Cherry Adventures.

As you can see here on our very first Meyers family vlog.  Which is really a “me vlog” featuring my guys…

Fat Bike Tours are such a novel experience. Packages range from two hours to three days and are suitable for all levels of skill and fitness. I can totally vouch for this because even though I could not quite reach the pedals myself, a bunch of friends did go on the ride despite not being super active types (their words not mine)

The guides ensure that everything is both fun and safe. I know this personally because a guide had to chase me down when I realised that I couldn’t actually pedal properly and he didn’t even laugh at me, so double win.

They do awesome day trips that include visits to well-known landmarks and end with drinks so do check them out on www.fatbiketour.co.za

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