Virginity soap and other interesting things. . .

So my friend Robyn and I decided to take a walk through town yesterday and low and behold, we discover that we (people in general not the two of us per say) could be solving most of our problems in the bath/shower. At one of these discount shops we found a section of “specialty soaps” that I just HAD to share:

So here I have been gyming and eating well and all I really needed to do was wash with this for  a week, silly me

And here I’ve been complaining about my butt that’s lost it’s shape after baby, no more stepper for me, hehehehe

Also, it turns out you can “revirginise yourself” uhm interesting and it lightens your skin at the same time nogal-uhm riiiiigggghhhhht

This one is pretty self explanatory, its for “menfolk” (not my word, that’s what package says) struggling with problems in the bedroom, claims to work in three minutes 
Okays so this isn’t soap but still thought it was interesting: Why on earth would you buy rattles for a child over the age of 3? Really? My nieces would tell me , those are baby toys.
Also all those years I longed to be taller, I could have just got these, you pop it in your shoes and presto, a extra 5cm….who woulda thunk it…

So I didn’t buy any of those, I’m pretty weary of anything costing sooo little  promising sooo much…skinny soap wouldn’t suck though, lol-but can I have it in a shower gel format, that’s more my style

Have a great Friday all, hope this made you smile

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