Welcome to the blogosphere, Super Sal

Those of you who visit my blog on a Friday, know all about my friend the reluctantly recovering shoe addict ,Salama, and her love of things fabulous [ that’s why we are such good friends, me being fabulous and all – WHAT? I didn’t say she had a love of all things humble 🙂 ]  anyways she has started her own blog and I like to think my gentle prodding (go on do it, doooo it, just doooooo it, why don’t you do it, you know! you should doooooooo it, so you do it? because you should do it…) has helped her see the light and join the blogosphere 🙂

She entitled her blog THE SILLY LITTLE BLOG (click on the name here and you’ll see for yourself) but it’s anything but silly. Sal talks about the things she cares about, friends, family, food and fashion (the alliteration was not intentional)  So pop around

There are some cool outfit posts:

And places to check out.

Loving the blog Sal! You guys should check it out, but don’t desert me, like check us both out (nothing worse than introducing a friend to a friend and they like each other so much you are the third wheel, so don’t turn my blog into a third wheel, but DO check out Sal’s uber cool blog)

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