2014 ready or not here we go :)

So today is all about new beginnings, no not new years resolutions and such, more like a genuine, not likely to be tweaked – like I do new years resolutions…“new start”

It’s a bitter sweet day, sweet because today I start a new job, well new position more like it…promotion baby! hehehe 
 and bitter because after 10years of studying and working with my  bestie, Robyn, she has opted to follow her dream and become a teacher and today is her first day of not working with me. Also sad that another good friend, Neo, left the city for a job in her home town-so I’m feeling ever so slightly sorry for myself. Because the selfish part of me will miss them terribly and doesn’t see why I have to suffer so they can have better lives and  follow their passions and what not, hehehe….I kid I’m very happy for them and wish them all the best!
But it’s the end of an era so to speak…
We went out on Tuesday for NYE to party it up an usher in a new year of new beginnings, look who wore shorts….ME!!!!!!!
I hope that your 2014 is full of pleasant surprises J because those are the best surprises  HAPPY NEW YEAR
(Read as yesterdays post because I was not able to upload anything yesterday, not sure why)

All the best my friend, work will not be the same without you.
So proud of you for following your dream, you will be raking in those world’s best teacher mugs for sure 🙂

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