21 days with  FitChef…how did it go

So I told you guys that we did the 21-day FitChef challenge last month right. Well, this morning I realised that I never told you how it went.

So did I lose weight, gain time and find a new appreciation for healthy, clean eating? Well sorta

I like doing my reviews as good bad and meh so you guys can get the overall feeling of what I thought. Usually, this goes for hair posts but here goes

What Rob and I thought of FitChef

The good.

  • I worked out the cost in my last post and it’s around R150 a day that is for two smoothies, two meals and a soup at around  R29 a portion (I’m not sure if that is the right term, but let’s go with it) you are getting value for money.
  • 85% of the meals I  really enjoyed, you know I’m nothing if not honest and some of the meals were meh. But others were so good like I’m sad it’s over, good.
  • My sugar levels behaved well. At no point do the Fitchef people say they are recommended for diabetics but I did find that it was easier to control my levels when I put my dietary choices in their hands.
  • There were options, so you don’t feel restricted and get bored and wish you were dead.
  • There is more than enough meals, real talk! I still have soups and smoothies in my fridge right now. The portion sizes are really decent so often I just was not hungry enough to fit  soup or a second smoothie into my day
  • You can adjust, so if you are more hungry today then add some more veggies, this was good to know because I married a guy who is almost 2m tall so his nutritional needs are more than mine. Most days I ended up only being able to finish ¾ of my food and he would eat the rest balancing out nicely.
  • I learned some nice combos…like who knew pumpkin and spinach were so good together and that carrots and peas weren’t just for babies learning to eat
  • It freed up so much time. When you don’t have to prepare meals you find yourself with extra time…you also eat from the packaging so you save time on cleaning up. That was the most obvious thing. We could eat at decent hours of the day.
  • You know you are getting all kinds of “good things” nutrients and what not and that is great


The bad

  • Microwaving your meals every day three times a day can be a little annoying like goodness knows I could do with a fresh salad. I really like eating raw food so that was a bit of a bummer
  • You have to pay in one go which is always a bit of a talk you need to have with yourself. Like I’m willing to spend money on food, I just like to do it one bill at a time, hehe

The Meh

  • The stir-fry options don’t translate so well to microwave meals “me thinks”, Rob disagrees with me, but I’m like naahhhh it needs a lil bit of a fry added to the stir.
  • I prefer my smoothies a little thicker and less veggie based.


  • FitChef is really cool. I’ve had people ask me to be honest with them and not think of destroying my FitChef relationship;  you know, “We are friends, you can tell me the truth”. Hehehehe real talk they did give me the food to review, but it’s not like they can demand it back now, lmao.  I also tell every brand I work with that I’m either going, to be honest or say nothing at all. (that should explain how sometimes I will say on social media “look what just arrived” and then I say nothing again, that is because whatever  arrived probably ended up sucking) . So the truth is FitChef is cool, it is really like some fancy chef is cooking something new for you daily and that really rocks.

PS. yes I did lose weight 🙂

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