A day out at Beans with Wings

Looking for something fun to do with your kids, while drinking copious amounts of coffee? (they have alcohol too)

I finally made a turn at the popular “treat the kids” venue, Beans with Wings in Theescombe Port Elizabeth, and here is what we thought

So is beans with wings as awesome as everyone says?

1. Decor and vibe

A popular spot for birthday parties, kitchen teas and kiddies parties Beans with Wings offers a quaint setting – very instagramable- with spacious play areas for kids. Slides, swings, hiding spaces, they have it all. They even have a play fountain thing – I don’t know what it’s called, but the little ones go crazy for it.

The dining area is very relaxed with shabby chic vibe. They even have a little gift shop where, Words with Wings items are for sale.

We bought a spice rack there for a steal…. Honestly don’t know how we lived without it.

2. Service

No complaints, we received fast efficient service with a smile

3. Food

The menu isn’t very diverse but it’s adequate. Something for everyone and everyone at our table (we went for a birthday brunch) was very happy with their order. The food is yummy but definitely more coffee shop than restaurant. Also how dumb am I to have spent ages wondering what would be in the wings special burger. Like is it Buffalo wings on a roll? Then I realised it was a play on words “beans with wings” duh! – can you be so silly.

They do awesome coffees and have an awesome make your own cupcake option. They also have gourmet popcorn for sale, yummmm.

4. Price

Very affordable, you would be hard pressed to find anything over R60 and they even have a breakfast for R25! How insane is that!!!

What we thought:

Any place with coffee and craft beer gets Robs vote and you can always win me over with affordable food in a pretty setting. Aidan wasn’t the biggest fan of it, however, he doesn’t like any place with too many little kids, which is odd as he is pretty much a little kid himself. He gets annoyed at loud little people running around with messy hands (little kids love him, Hehehe). I just think it was a busy day though and since he loves the outdoors and DIY cupcakes he would love it on a less busy day.

Side bar… This low tolerance of little kids means Aidan and Caleb often have an Elsa and Anna relationship, with Aidan showing no interest in building snowmen

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