A little Aidan catch up before his second birthday

I have a little chatterbox a chatterbox a chatterbox

I’m so amazed at how he is picking up words – to think I was nervous of his speech being delayed
Yesterday he pointed out a dinosaur in a children’s book, he said “tinosaw” actually, but I was still pretty impressed as his only experience with prehistoric animals has been the Barney parties he has attended, and here he points out a lifelike dinosaur without hesitation.
He tells everyone who will listen that he is getting a cousin. He also says the cousin’s name will be “bumbum” and cracks up laughing at his own joke (nevermind that,hehe)
He knows colours, well he knows ”boo, geen, puplel, yeyo and yed” – sometimes they are interchangeable but hey it’s a step in the right direction
He can count 1 2 3 9 10 that still counts as counting right?
He LOVES taking pictures and will turn anything into a camera “say cheeeesh”
He is odd in the way that his pronunciation of bigger words like “cousin, scissors, bandage, camera”  is perfect but he struggles with “cut, open, eat”

He is quite big for his boots this kid:
 I tell him “come let’s eat” he replies “come let’s don’t”’
I try to give him meat (he is still a vegetarian) and he tells me, “no mama, go away, just go away
He threatens me with my mom’s house, like if I tell him to do something he tells me “I go ma house” 
But all the sass aside, we have finally found something that works (for now….KNOCK ON WOOD, SALT OVER SHOULDER,NO JINX) Naughty chair
If he misbehaves I let us both take time outs I put him on a couch in the lounge and tell him that he has to sit there till he is ready to apologise or clean up or stop being a Tasmanian devil of naughtiness
He sits there and cries, sometimes throws my pillows down, sometimes lays down exasperated like a character in a Jane Austen book — but every time he will get up apologise, give me a hug and ask for a bottle or a book or a tv program and be good…and now I can actually just ask if he wants the naughty chair and he wags his finger and says “No mama, don’t just don’t” to which I reply “then you don’t” cause I’m mature like that…

He will be two in April where has time gone?!?!?!

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