Aidan at two and a half

I have not done an Aidy update in forever OMW not since like 16 months!!!
Yes I chatted about him, I do all the time, sorry, but I haven’t done the list, so here goes…
Aidan at 30months which is exactly 2 and a half (shame I have been referring to him as 2 and a half for ages now…oops)

APPEARANCE: He is such a beaut (yes I’m biased). The kid is rather pale (sheme Edward Cullen) and seems to have his fathers height going for him. He is quite skinny but according to healthcare professionals he is growing nicely. He also has curly hair cut/styled into a faux hawk because it’s easier to take care of (and adorable).

PERSONALITY: He talks NON STOP and his vocab takes me by surprise most days. He is shy in large social settings; he plays well with others, but prefers one-on-one play dates to group activities. Aidan is very witty and loves making jokes even if it is referring to people by other names to get a laugh or acting silly, he loves making people smile.

HE CAN NOW:  His vocabulary is pretty good, he speaks in full on sentences and will ask me what does …. mean when he hears a word he doesn’t understand. He can count (till 20ish), knows his shapes and colours and sings the alphabet (sorta: LemENOpee). He has a unique way of looking at things he told me that a heart is two circles and a triangle and a star is lots of triangles. He asks me things like “what do they do that for” instead of the usual “why”. He is quite the creative, play dough is his favorite activity but anything in the crafting realm makes him very happy.

LOVES: His Caleb (my sister’s son) he has really grown into the “big cousin” role so well it warms my heart. He loooves watching craft tutorials on YouTube and playing with play dough NEVER gets old. He enjoys running around and riding his bike. He is also extremely busy and climbs absolutely everything and anything.

DISLIKES: Meat “please don’t eat the chickens mommy” he also dislikes the naughty chair and sitting still or being QUIET FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!! honestly the only time he is not talking is when he is singing. He suddenly can’t stand milk and has an aversion to staying in one place.

MOM:  Is so proud of her little boy but also has to be careful of what she does and says around him. She is still concerned about his eating but feels better as he adds another food to his repertoire every now and again. cream cheese sandwiches are a thing now 🙂

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