Aidan is 11 Months old

I honestly full out can not believe Aidan will be a year old next month…I’m full swing into preparing for his first birthday – Barn Yard Theme- but even as I phone suppliers I find myself thinking that something is very wrong here, there is no way our little baby is full steam on his way to “toddlerdom”

But yes time flies and we just need to hold on and enjoy the ride


APPEARANCE:  don’t know his exact measurements but he is certainly taller, skinnier and has even more hair

PERSONALITY:  He is certainly coming into his own, he mimics you and will give you a kiss and a cuddle but will also make his displeasure with things known! He loves “showing off” but also does very well just playing on his own, he can be naughty, defying me when I reprimand him but he also listens to NO! (even if he will sulk) he is just becoming such a sweet little thing, chatting away and playing like such a “big kid”


HE CAN NOW: stand unassisted, but no sign of walking, he sings and dances A LOT and can kiss you on the cheek on request, he can also show your where his mouth and tummy is and clap hands on request, he also blows kisses and “helps” me pack up toys (more hindrance than help but he loves it)

LOVES: the outdoors and exploring. Also can’t get enough of books and can play with blocks for ages.  – Same as before

DISLIKES: EATING!!!! I don’t understand how this kid can go on so little fuel

MOM:  Wishes there was something like an eating coach

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