Aidan at three

It’s time for a Aidy update again.

I’ve gone from doing this once a month in his first year of life to once a year when I can remember.

Well I remembered 🙂 so here goes. Although I love sharing about my baby these posts are really for me to look back on and be ridiculously shocked at how “fast time flies”.

APPEARANCE: He is such a pretty boy (I might be biased). He doesn’t like to be called pretty/handsome/cute though, he prefers strong/super/big. I’m still keeping his curls trimmed into a bit of a faux hawk but I’m not too diligent about keeping it short – his curls are way too cute. It kinda breaks my heart that he is losing all traces of babyness…He is all long limbs and cheekbones.

PERSONALITY: He is super independent, he wants to “do it self” and is definitely a talker. You need to be very careful of what you say around him because he WILL ask you about it. Mommy what does “peeved off” mean. He is a thinker, very creative but also super silly and will go out of his way to make someone smile…goofy faces, funny voices and if all else fails he will give you a big hug.

HE CAN NOW:  build pretty “impressive” structures from blocks. He can climb on playground structures and hang off monkey bars. Aidan can kick balls and play games on his leap pad. He speaks,counts,knows his colours and shapes.

LOVES: His Caleb (my sister’s son) he tells me he  loves him “soooooo much” even though they fight ALL THE TIME. He hides Caleb’s toys or puts it out of his reach and will hold him so he can’t walk and thinks its so funny…its not.

He tells me he has super powers…Super heroes are a big thing with him at the moment.

He still loves watching craft tutorials on YouTube and playing with play dough NEVER gets old. He enjoys running around and riding his bike. He is also extremely busy and climbs absolutely everything and anything.

DISLIKES: Meat! Jip still says he won’t eat the animals and I’m okay with that. He hates being reprimanded and will try to guilt you by telling you that you make him sad.

MOM: misses her baby but is super proud her big boy 🙂 I’m still learning as I go along and like Aidan says…”Everyone makes steaks” (mistakes).

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