And there goes the bathroom…

So my bathroom is clearly jealous of the decor ideas and projects happening in the rest of our place and decided to involve itself. We had these glass shelves above the toilet in our rather cramped bathroom and yesterday without warning (not without cause-I tend to overstack shelves) the top shelf fell down onto the the lower shelf and there was just glass and toiletries everywhere including in the toilet. (Both Rob and I have more toiletries than an average couple really need, mostly gift sets we never get around to using) Well it was just bottles and jars everywhere and I’m still trying to locate a pair of earrings and my dental floss-amongst other things. Anyway now we have no choice but to look into new storage solutions for our bathroom here are some ideas I found online… (Pity I did not take a picture of the damage yesterday, but was way to shocked and exhausted and cold!, people it’s cold around here)

I really like this everything is just so nice and streamlined and it has wheels so you can push it around, not that there is much pushing around room in the bathroom

I guess this could work, but I don’t think my biggest problem at the moment is where to put every roll of toilet paper I can find so maybe not

Space wise this is my best option but somehow having my toilet in a little box like that makes me feel awkward

This one is stunning and I’m willing to bet it comes with a price tag which will make me quickly rethink my decision 

I actually saw something like this but the goodnews fairy (in this instance, Rob) doesn’t think we really have room, I know he is right as our bathroom seems to have been modelled on one on a train, but a girl can dream right
This is prob the most practical if we can’t find a medicine cabinet we both like, not too fancy and it will force me to stop hoarding things. (we can hope)

Have a good Thurday all :)๏ปฟ
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