R600 DIY room make-over with Prominent Paints

This was never going to be a budget room make-over that was not the point. But when you look at the economy right now, budget is kind of the point.

A few weeks ago Prominent Paints asked if I had any DIY projects I was working on, which with me is a given, there is never not a project I’m working on. The thing is however… I like quick jobies and painting a room was not high on my “things I’d like to do on Saturday list” BUT! it was on my things I need to do list, so I said heck yes lets do a project…

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Kiddies Decor with Sheet Street!!!

So I’ve redone Aidan’s room recently see HERE but something feels missing, like I need something to”pull it all together” so to speak… so in comes Sheet Street. Their all new Kids Range (which you can PURCHASE ONLINE whoop whoop, cause I’m lazy like that) is great, cute and affordable (my two favourite things-after chocolate). The big question right now is do I go Pirate or Dino, what do you guys think? … click on pics to check out their site…

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From baby to toddler – room redo

Despite having a sick and cranky baby on our hands we managed to finish Aidan’s room this past weekend. What do you guys think? He loves it especially the touch light which he can turn on himself and the ball pit I fashioned out of packing foam and patterned duct tape…A job well done I think, as my “client” couldn’t be happier:)
The new look room sorry about picture quality-I used the baby clothes on canvas his aunt made as wall decor and have a small little chalk board with his big bro’s name hanging from the bigger chalk board – I know the room looks a little crowded from this angle but it really isn’t 
Place for all his teddies and books-the front of this Murphy bed was looking scruffy so I updated it with denim duct tape
The play area-yes that is a pink pony next to the rugby ball , it  used to belong to my sister and kids are far less sexist than adults – The bed can fold up if he ever needs more play room
above his bed
Aidan and Taylor enjoyed the Club house-Aidan has since removed the club house sign and ate it…boys!
We got the cardboard house at Mr Price home ages ago because it was on sale and I knew we would find a use for it 
This is the ball pit I made using those foam boxes you get inside cardboard boxes when you buy appliances and patterned duct tape to make it look nice and keep it sturdy.
Not too sick to get up to mischief – I know I’m supposed to paint the house but thought it looked cute just the way it is

Bye Bye Baby Room

Creating  Aidan’s room  was a whole lot of fun!!! and it became a way for me to connect with the whole “we are having a baby” thing!
But the “baby room” is becoming a little impractical now that he is older.
Yes, he is only one, BUT his mother has a Decor Diy addiction  it needs to be done.
At the moment the cute bunting on the day bed in his room gives him Tarzan fantasies as all he wants to do is hang on them, the bouncy chair and mobile are not needed and all his cute stuffed animals wresting partners are in a box out of reach while I decide what to do with them.
The most dangerous of it all is that my kid seems to think his crib is a jungle gym – I have caught him on the arm rest of the feeding chair trying to hang off the bars of the crib….more than once!
So enter this weekends plan! I want to de-clutter and make the whole room a little safer for the little explorer  more “toddler like” and who knows maybe if he has a designated play area the rest of the house can stay clean for longer – a girl can hope hey…

Here are some of my pinterest inspirations:  Just watch how I ignore all this and do my own thing….I’m a pinterest fail, I am

(click on the pics for links)

sewing idea: bed storage.  Pretty sure the original intended use is for kids... but I'm thinking I'd LOVE this for my ipad, glasses, books, cell phone, jewelry I forgot to take off before climbing into bed.  I MUST make this.
I wonder if his gran is in a sewing mood

DIY Play House - Now that's a cool upcycled cardboard box house.
a less girlie version, like without the random bunnies 

Google images of "____ silhouettes", print on back of scrapbook paper and cut out.  Frame.  Simple and cute!
Would go well with those canvases covered in baby clothes his aunt made
Owl Bookends
I’d use stuffed animals for this maybe, seeing as I’m lazy he has quite a few 

Oil Pan Magnet Board
This looks so Awesome! now to find a giant to loan me his baking sheet

My favourite things:home edition

I’ve been asked to post some of my own home decor on the blog and thought now is as good a time as any – best time is after the cleaning lady visits Hehehe ……here are some of my faves in no particular order

1. This wall art is actually two unrelated stickers, I just thought it worked well together even though it was purchased two years apart. It is placed above a vintage piano which used to belong to Rob’s gran. 

2. On our second anniversary Rob and I went to the Knysna area for a few days where we ended up visiting flee markets and such, I totally fell in love with this piece so Rob got it for me and even painted a section of our lounge ceiling black so my crystal beaded chandelier could stand out more, the piece was actually created as part of a community upliftment project in Sedgefield

3. Aidan’s room has featured on my blog before, but it would be so wrong to not include it on my list of favourites, his crib/cot has become more of a storage space lately as he prefers a toddler bed…will be updating his room from baby to toddler later this year.

4. (Top left in collage) this beautiful mosaic table top was a wedding gift, most things on the table are actually gifts or souvenirs, either from trips we took or trips taken by loved ones…

5. (Top right) here I have candles to light if I ever have something really big to pray about, Aidan’s foot prints are there too along with a box of memories of Logan. I used to have lots of things to remind me of him but the box is enough now…he is in my heart regardless.

6. (Bottom) that is my clock wall in tv room… I love clocks (u can see on my souvenir table that people know this about me and have brought me clocks from abroad) but as much as I love the look of clocks the ticking can drive you bonkers so only the really large one actually shows time while the others are stopped at significant times in our lives like when we got married or when Aidy was born) Aidan has a large wicker basket filled with toys in this room so it is almost  constantly a mess