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This is not the first time I have interviewed Charlene, in fact she did a Shoe Day   post with me last year. . . So needless to say I have been reading her blog for a while now and I was pretty chuffed to find that she is part of SA Mom Blogs…She writes over at PrettyPleaseCharlie focusing on all things beauty…The great thing about her is that she is honest about the products she reviews…no PR sucking up for this girl…she calls a spade a spade, or in her case a bad lipstick a bad lipstick…hehehe
Here is what she has to say:

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-What made you decide to blog in the first place?
I love trying new products, especially make-up and skincare. I could see my family and friends were not as in to it as I was and I ran out of people to tell. So I thought, why not blog?
-What was your concept behind your blog?
I get very excited about all things beauty and I especially love to share products and tips that have made me feel more confident. If one of my posts can lead to someone else feeling better about themselves, I’ve done what I’ve set out to do. It may sound very superficial, but it’s not necessarily about beauty, it’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin.
– Do you have a system in regards to how often you blog?
I just try to blog as often as I can, whether it’s three times a week or three times a day. I have a full time job and a very busy toddler, so it all depends on time available. Family always comes first though.
-Did you find yourself nervous at prospect of letting people into your life in this way?
Yes, I do. I feel very vulnerable when posting about my personal life. I don’t do it too often, but I have found that those posts are usually the most popular and sometimes lead to something more positive. 
-Do you ever worry that your kids will be like “mom why are you exposing my life?” (I worry sometimes)?
Yes. That’s why I prefer to keep family posts to a minimum. I do like to show her off now and then 😉
-Does your family read your blog?
Only when I force them too. Ha-ha. See answer to question 1.
-What do you hope to achieve through the blog?
My blog is my way of being part of an industry that I love. I get a huge thrill when a PR company sees fit to share the news of a new launch or product with me. It makes me feel like my opinion matters. I love in turn sharing this with my readers.
-What do you think about the blogging culture in South Africa?
I am very blessed to be part of an awesome community. I have met so many wonderful people. People that will remain my friends, even if the blog does not. I know that there is a lot of nastiness and politics, but I have luckily not experienced it myself, or I may just be too blonde to notice.  
-What do you think makes for a “good blog”
Honesty. Whether you blog about your personal life or only post reviews, be honest and be true to yourself. Don’t blog in the hopes that others will love your blog, you need to love your blog. Your passion for what you write about will shine through.
-How do you personally measure success in the blogging world
Let’s be honest. For a beauty blog, stats, followers and PR mailing lists are very important. I also believe that if you can look at your work and feel proud, you are successful, never mind the stats.

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