Blogger, Namreen lets us pry a little

It’s my favourite time of the week again….time to introduce you to my favourite “SA moms who blog” .
Today I’m sharing an interview with Namreen Sonday from over at  Life and Times of the Fireflies 
This woman can WRITE! I’m usually drawn to funny light hearted blogs (and crafting ones) but for me her blog has the effect of a nice warm cup of chai, soothing and deep without being pretentious – She just has a way with words…. 
Here is what she has to say about being a blogging mom
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What made you decide to blog in the first place
I was more coaxed into blogging by my sisters. I have always loved writing! It is therapeutic and cathartic and has been a great source of comfort for my soul. For a long time i was a ‘Closet writer’…just pouring my heart into a journal, but my sisters felt I had enough talent to start a blog and convinced me that blogging was a great way to share my passion with the world. I’m glad they did.

What was the concept behind your blog
A combination of all my favourite things I guess…My Family, which focuses on my relationships and bond with my own siblings and parents as well as my kids. Sharing some of my favourite recipes and my passion for baking. And probably my favourite would be sharing my life lessons, looking for the message in everything…and obviously I try and articulate it all with my passion for the artistry of words. Overall i wanted it to be little messages for my kids to look back on someday. Leave behind a little piece of me.

Do you have a system in regards to how often you blog
Kind of. But things don’t always run according to schedule. Since I write about varied things, I try and do one thing under each topic a month. Example 1 recipe, one inspirational post, if it’s someone’s birthday then that would also fall into the schedule. That way I’m never really at a loss for things to write. But sometimes, other things crop up that I need to write out of my system. But having a sort of schedule helps keep me consistent.

Did you find yourself nervous at the prospect of letting people into your life this way
Definitely YES! It was a big part of the decision making when I got started. Exposing my life and opening myself to judgement was extremely frightening for me. But I had to mentally overcome that before I even started. For now, my blog focuses more on my thoughts than my life and it’s comforting to know that there are so many people that identify with what I have to say. In the end I took the leap because it was a platform for me to do what I love.

Do you ever worry that your kids will be like “Mom, why are you exposing my life?”
Initially, yes. I wanted to pursue this without exposing them too much. But I think I’ve figured out a balance. The blog isn’t solely about them, in fact, it’s more of a message TO them. And they quite enjoy when they do feature and I know they really look forward to their birthday posts J . I think, maybe because they are older, they have a good understanding of the process.

Does your family read your blog
Yes! And they even share their favourite posts J. They are my biggest cheerleaders and supporters!

What do you hope to achieve through your blog
Hmmm. Tough question….I always believe, as people, that even though our stories are different, we all go through so much of the same emotions. My blog shares a very personal journey, and all I hope for is that my words can leave a little impact on the reader. 

What do you think of the blogging culture in South Africa
I’m really so new to this I don’t really know what to think. I know it’s not as big here as it is in the UK and USA so growth for a blog is kind of slow in comparison, but I’m grateful for the many great friendships I have made along the way! I find a lot of bloggers very accepting, helpful, welcoming and encouraging to newbie bloggers….I haven’t personally encountered much nastiness.

What do you think makes for a good blog
I am always intrigued by writing style. I know many people are drawn in by the layout and design…but for me it’s the words that keep me captivated. As much as all the technical stuff is important, writing is a form of art too. Visiting a blog is a temporary escape from reality…. And great writing is what helps to take you on a journey. Good, quality pictures are also important. It helps tell the story. I also think for different genres there would be different criteria. But whatever the genre…words can make or break I think. It is also important to be authentic and true to yourself. It is easy to pick up authenticity.

How do you personally measure success in the blogging world

I really thought long and hard on this one… I think it all depends on what you want to achieve from your blog. For some it would be getting into the social aspect of blogging; attending events etc. For others it is in statistics; pageviews and likes….for me personally it comes from interaction with readers. People that comment and let me know how a post resonated with them. All the little inbox messages from readers that appreciate and enjoy my blog or tried a recipe that was a success…and the best measure of success from me is the acknowledgement and recognition from my peers. It’s good to know readers enjoy what you do, but even better when a fellow blogger commends you on your craft! 

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