Bleach printing (learn from my mistakes)

For Aidan’s birthday we went for a Mickey Mouse theme or tried to,  you remember the CHAOS?
 I really wanted to make him something unique and when I could not find any Mickey tops in his size (which he didn’t have already) I took it as my cue to craft 🙂 – who am I kidding, waking up is a cue to craft…
These T-shirts were on the sale rack at MrPrice which is obviously a sign to try bleach printing… (also I only have pink glitter fabric paint and wasn’t too sure of that)

They are not perfect but I like them 🙂  These were my first tries ever so I’m pretty sure the next ones will be even better… Aidan wears the black one with orange shorts as pj’s now
I used:
 bleach (will go for thick one next time and not work on a once beautiful table cloth)
A decal
contact paper
cotton buds
Make a stencil with contact paper and cut out – you might want to print this and not wing it, I’m a winger…
Stick newspaper inside the T-shirt so bleach does not go right through
Dip cotton buds in bleach and make dots around where you stuck down stencil
_ I wanted to have a Heavy rock Mickey feel (because I like to be different) so I added a few random drops for that disheveled look (also my cotton bud control is not as awesome as I thought, but lets go with disheveled look story)
would probably go for a more precise finish in the future, but it worked

My little rock star on his birthday 🙂

To recap, this is a great craft with endless possibilities but BE CAREFUL, bleach is unforgiving and FAST acting so have your plan ahead of time…

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