Two step kiddies chalk spray

I made Aidan some chalk spray/sidewalk (pavement) spray…
most recipes call for corn starch and food coloring but I thought I’d cut out the middle man and just use two ingredients…
1. piece of chalk
2. water
(a full piece of chalk to 50ml of water makes for a spray that goes on like water but dries blue)
The spray bottle is great for his fine motor skills, he loves blue, and chalk is easy to clean, so it is win win win…
Final result, the blue is not as vibrant as it would have been with food colouring, but it works well 🙂
Spray bottle from cosmetic section, not sure what you would do with this in other instance, like what is it really for , I’m not all that clued up on make-up, water and chalk

Crush chalk into a powder and mix with water, give a good shake before playing 🙂

The spray is part of a new treat system I’m trying out, usually I’d just give him a sweet of some sort but with his eating habits we can’t encourage eating more junk.
Then I remembered this amazing baby shower gift I received from a friend/mentor/former editor she made a box of individually wrapped gifts and gave it to me saying I could open one whenever I needed a pick me up… AWESOME!

I decided to do something similar with Aidykins, buying little treats and wrapping it as “surprises” the kid is crazy about surprises, I blame Disney… I bought a few things and figure I’ll add on when the bargain bins have anything special, toothbrushes, figurines, little books… the list is endless and he won’t be getting gifts every day just when he really deserves a treat 🙂 or I need a bargaining tool :p

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