kidnapped toys, bad guys and monkeys in the loo

That was my weekend…

Aidan is a bit of a smart aleck honestly a snarky answer for everything!!! He argues with me over everything, telling me it’s not night time it’s just dark or he isn’t drinking the bath water it’s just touching his tongue.
Sometimes his “cockiness” shows up as a discipline issue, like when he doesn’t listen to me and instead says, “whaaaaat, no mummy no, just wait a little bit”.
He refused to pick up his play dough things on Friday night telling me that I can just pick it up. I was so annoyed at the little man that I told him the “bad guys” wanted to take his toys and I would phone them and tell them to come over. The last straw was when he brought me the phone to call the bad guys (Maybe I was already upset that he was mocking me earlier by going to the naughty chair, sitting there and laughing, oooooh naughty chair naughty chair).
At the time I retaliated by telling him I would smack his bum and he retorted by following me around asking me to please smack his bumbum… This kid exhausts me.
Any who the bad guys came and took his toys. The play dough stuff (which are now in the boot of my car) are his favorite so it really did make an impact, I know this for sure as I overheard him tell my mom that he was naughty so the bad guys took his stuff.
He was much better behaved after that as the bad guys threatened to take Scout (his electronic leap pad stuffed dog) and I heard him tell Scout that he (Aidan) would box and kick the bad guys if they came for him (Scout).
– Please tell me you guys have used tactics like this to get your way, sometimes I feel outsmarted by a toddler

We did the potty training thing this weekend and it was interesting, I told you guys all his excuses in THIS POST and at first, this weekend was not that much better. I kept him home on Thursday and Friday and turned it into a potty training boot camp. I put him in underpants and stuck a sticker inside the toilet to use as target practice, I just used a monkey sticker from one of his sticker books but I know you can buy proper ones for this purpose. Thursday was tough, he kept wetting himself but by yesterday he stayed dry, even taking a nap in his underpants…he went to day care this morning so that will be the real test…wish us luck!!!

PS. this parenting thing is hard!

fashion you can play in

Even before my first pregnancy I always knew I would be one of those moms who “dress up” their kids, but it came to my attention rather early on that the kid I am tasked with is not the “sit around looking pretty” kind so I had to come up with a middle ground of sorts,  stylish (Hey he won’t let me dress him for very long, indulge me) but practical playable clothes, Mr Price and Jet Stores are really my go to when it comes to clothes because it’s fashionable things that won’t break the bank… Also I make a lot of his things, and he wears Oh!Boy things a lot and I’m very blessed that people buy him clothes for birthdays and Christmas and I love them for that…

Batman t-shirt (Mr P) Chinos (Gift) Scarf (Oh!Boy) Sneakers (Gift)
Top (Mr P) Pants (Gift) a scarf and a clip on snood worn together because he wanted to (Oh!Boy)
How the outfit looks when refusing to get out of mommy’s car
Denim Dungarees (PnP, bought for his first birthday but only fits now)
Top (Ackerman’s)
Snood (oh!boy) pants (oh!boy) Cardi (Mr P)
he has other shoes I promise
Mr P head to toe
I swear he has other shoes
Track pants (Pep) Red t-shirt (PnP)
Shirt (Jet) Pants (Gift) Boots (Mr P) Bowtie (Oh!Boy)
Hat (stolen from dad) clip snood (Oh!Boy) Pants (Gift) Jersey (MrP)
Track Pants (Pep) Boots (MrP) Jersey (MrP) scarf (Oh!Boy)
Beanie (Daddies one the other way around) Top (Pnp, set of 3)
Jacket (Gift) Pants and Snood (Oh!Boy)
Full view
Apart from boots this whole look is made up of gifts πŸ™‚

My two year old detective

So this kid is creepy observant! is that a thing? are all two year olds like this? 

Here are some examples from the top of my head that had me thinking “really Aidan?”

-His cousin walks in wearing two tops, he immediately shouts look at Minnie Mouse. I was not sure what he meant until she unzipped, he recognised Minnie from the edge of her bow sticking out under her top!
– He takes two one rand coins and a five rand coin places it together and tells me it’s Toodles from Mickey Mouse Club House
– He looks at the x-box controller and says see the triangle, I am ready to correct him when he points out that on the black circle they have a tiny triangle (play) etched on
– He knocks on the doors of house pictures because he wants to see who is inside 
– While sorting colours on his big bear poster he tells me he doesn’t know where to put green, I show him the green block but he points out that green is used as chocolate wrapper in the brown, the stems of the purple flowers and the leaves of orange carrots
– He points out that three bears didn’t need to go for a walk…they should just blow the food cold like he does

– He says the Bubble Guppies (mermaid kids show) are just funny fish

… We are in for a interesting ride with this one

Open letter on your second birthday

It’s your second birthday and you are snuggled next to me as I type… it’s storming now and as you told me last night “it’s dark and raining I sleep by you” (dark a yayn,  I dudu here)
The rain is symbolic and so is the fact that I had one of the worst days ever yesterday (locked everything in house,had things break and lost a substantial amount of money to a dishonest stranger and ended up trying to pay for your party with nothing but a smile)
It reminds me that you are my rainbow … The calm after the storm…not just because of your brother but because of who you are little man and the fact that you are wise beyond your years. you saw the things I made you for your birthday and said “wow so pretty” and didnt try to take anything.
I was feeling pretty defeated and when you saw my tear stained face after a tough day you asked for a “huggy kissy”
And said “I kissy better” because that’s what I do for you.
I pray so hard that you will always have such a good heart, that you will always be willing to say sorry and eager to say thank you. That I can still get huggies and kissies for a little while longer and that you will never lose your mischievous smile…
You suprise me every day…you speak now and though your sentences are broken, the sentiment never is…you pray every night for everyone and everything and if I forget you remind me to “tank u jesus”. You are still quite sneaky and if you really don’t want to sleep you will list everything from building blocks to chocolate in your prayer.
Sometimes you infuriate me…you don’t like to eat or sleep (unless you are faking it to get out of school) and you get a little too helpful in shops filling the trollies of random strangers, also although you will tell me to “change a bum bum please” take out the nappies,wipes and powder your own bum you tell me in no uncertain terms…”No! you pee a toilet, I pee here” (points at nappy).
You are such a daddy’s boy you will ask me to “call a daddy” “bring  daddy here” if your dad is not around… you two drive me crazy with your wrestling matches and balloon saber fights over me when I’m trying to watch TV but my life is richer for it…
You have this cute/awkward habit of doing “boom” if you have a object and someone else has same:  you need to put them together and say boom…you hurled a rugby Ball at a rugby match on TV for “boom” and shoved my face into a magazine because the woman in picture reminded you of me.
That being said you are such a blessing… everyone that meets you says there is something special about you and today I just thank you for the chance to be your mom….

Happy Birthday Aidan or like you say Ahhhden

2 year development- NAILED IT! sorta, kinda

His first birthday…where did time go?

Aidan turns two on Sunday and I thought I’d check out those development charts, don’t worry anti-competition moms, I don’t intend to berate him for not matching the criteria, or trade him in…
I was just curious πŸ™‚
The list comes from HERE

β€’ Can make a tower of four bricks 
He can build up to 12, how do you I know this? I might have counted, I was impressed okay! sheesh – he also proceeds to throw the blocks on the floor if his tower breaks, good times πŸ™‚ “It boken mommy, it boken now” tears …..
 β€’ Can make two- or three-word sentences
Does Mommy, it’s boken now count? he says lots of things though that sounds like polite orders, “milkies now please”, “put a butter on”, “change my bum bum please”
 β€’ Can walk down stairs
Yes much to my horror, up and down
 β€’ Can name a simple picture in a book
yes pretty well, well sometimes he calls every animal either a cow or a cat, oh look at the kitty (giraffe) I dunno, he calls anything that cuts like a pair of scissors, a knife, pliers, “cut scissors”
“I want a cut scissors please”… uhm no
 β€’ Can sing simple tunes
sorta, he is great with tunes but bad with lyrics, here a cow there a cow everywhere a cow cow
β€’ Talks about self (likes, dislikes)
Uhm not technically, he does say, “no not that one”, “no not that channel”, “I don’t a eat mummy”
β€’ Can use 50 single words
Not so sure hey I haven’t counted, he talks non stop like his mom though so should be about 50
β€’ Takes more of an interest in playing with other children
He is still a bit (a lot) of a loner but tells me about the babas at school so we are getting there, he is great with one on one play dates though
β€’ Asks”Why”?
He says why as in the letter though, he gets his number and letters all mixed up and will run through the house like, 1 2 3 6 9 y m

 β€’ Can name at least six body part on a doll
Jip including calling a dog’s tail a penis, regardless of what his mom says or how embarrassing pointing out penises in toy stores are
β€’ Starts talking about self
It’s already Ahhdin this and Ahhdin that
β€’ Begins to understand abstract concepts like sooner and later
As a true South African this is, Now mummy not Now Now
β€’ Half of speech is understandable
Well sort of sometimes he speaks with amazing clarity and other times “Ba naana mama na”
β€’  Can arrange things in categories
I don’t know hey, I’ve never asked him to do this, how would I ask him to do this
β€’  Becomes attuned to gender differences
Sorta but not really, can say boy and girl but don’t know if it means anything to him
β€’ Can walk down stairs
Much to my dismay, “no help mummy”
β€’ Learns to jump
Been doing this forever, not sure this one should be here