My two year old detective

So this kid is creepy observant! is that a thing? are all two year olds like this? 

Here are some examples from the top of my head that had me thinking “really Aidan?”

-His cousin walks in wearing two tops, he immediately shouts look at Minnie Mouse. I was not sure what he meant until she unzipped, he recognised Minnie from the edge of her bow sticking out under her top!
– He takes two one rand coins and a five rand coin places it together and tells me it’s Toodles from Mickey Mouse Club House
– He looks at the x-box controller and says see the triangle, I am ready to correct him when he points out that on the black circle they have a tiny triangle (play) etched on
– He knocks on the doors of house pictures because he wants to see who is inside 
– While sorting colours on his big bear poster he tells me he doesn’t know where to put green, I show him the green block but he points out that green is used as chocolate wrapper in the brown, the stems of the purple flowers and the leaves of orange carrots
– He points out that three bears didn’t need to go for a walk…they should just blow the food cold like he does

– He says the Bubble Guppies (mermaid kids show) are just funny fish

… We are in for a interesting ride with this one

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