My sugar-free bargain finds

My whole life seems to be sugar-free right now so isn’t it fitting to bring back one of my most popular series, with a sugar-free twist.

I did a little poll a while ago asking if you guys would like me to do my cheap things I love series again… You know like THIS ONE and THIS ONE  The answer was a overwhelming yes, so that is exactly what I am doing. Sharing a list of great bargain finds but this time we go sugar-free

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Budget babe: Splash fest

So at this year's splash festival I was issued a challenge (read: order) by the husband to not spend more than R50(food not included) because apparently I don't need more junk (says him-I like junk) anyway I took up the challenge for two reasons, 1. I like a challenge 2.I'm like constantly broke so bargain buying is nothing new.
Anyways here is what I got:

– A mood ring that actually looks like a fancy teardrop shaped costume ring, but it changes colour (currently trying to remain calm because I like the blue) all this for R15

– Then I got a pair of handmade wire earrings, very Art Deco meets cheap wire, I think they rock for only R20

– Then I had R15 and no idea what to buy, Rob suggested a hair clip because the sea air and I we're not being friends. I smacked him against his head and instead got a cupcake for R10 and even had R5 left for car guard, hehehe