My sugar-free bargain finds

My whole life seems to be sugar-free right now so isn’t it fitting to bring back one of my most popular series, with a sugar-free twist.

I did a little poll a while ago asking if you guys would like me to do my cheap things I love series again… You know like THIS ONE and THIS ONE Β The answer was a overwhelming yes, so that is exactly what I am doing. Sharing a list of great bargain finds but this time we go sugar-free

With My diabeties diagnosis came A LOT of life changes. I’ve cut many things out of my diet but I must be honest sometimes the “junk food” craving hits and these are what I reach for:


Tantalize Milky Mix Super Strong Chocolate (R24)

I love this stuff so much, it’s sugar- free without the awful after taste that so many diabetic friendly products leave you with. It makes a great chocolate milk or a hot chocolate and is ideal for that chocolate craving I just can’t seem to shake.

Carmien Cookies and Cream Herbal Infusions (R25)

If I’m honest I didn’t know that tea could be sugar-free, let me rephrase that, I assumed all teas were. But I have since been told that some flavoured teas (and coffees) actually have sugar in them from the start so the Sugar Free stamp is a good thing. This tea which I got from lil sprout Β Β is amazing, it smells great, and backs up the smell by tasting great too. The cookies and cream is my favourite from the range with the Red Mocha coming a close second.

Gullon SugarFree Choco Chip biscuits (R23)

I have had the worst experience with sugar free biscuits, honestly I found them all rather AWFUL and EXPENSIVE!!! granted I haven’t tasted them all, but the ones I have had left much to be desired. This one however IS AMAZING!!! Β It doesn’t taste artificial at all, it’s not carb free so there is that level of sugar in it but it still makes for a great pick me up snack with your tea πŸ™‚ These things are yummy and loaded with chocolate chips, which is a double win for me. Remind me a bit of the Chips A’hoy ones


AmajoyA Sugar Free Candy (R21)

I love the regular Amajoya sweets, the one with the yogurt-like filling. Sooooo Good. So I was glad to find that they had a sugar-free range. Okay so I am not going to lie to you and say that it tastes the same as regular candy,it doesn’t BUT it really is not bad at all. I like having it when the sugar cravings hit and it doesn’t suck!!! sometimes sugar free candy is just AWFUL, this? not so much.


Caring Candies chocolate bar (R14)

A friend of mine refuses to believe that this range is really free of gluten or Β artificial sweeteners and is both low gi and diabetes-friendly because IT JUST TASTES SO GOOD. This is a def must buy, it is a chunky bar – Most diabetic chocolate bars are these skinny little things – and it tastes really good. It is very chocolaty though so you will end up eating only a block or two. This one gets my vote of approval!!!

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