My sugar-free bargain finds

My whole life seems to be sugar-free right now so isn’t it fitting to bring back one of my most popular series, with a sugar-free twist.

I did a little poll a while ago asking if you guys would like me to do my cheap things I love series again… You know like THIS ONE and THIS ONE  The answer was a overwhelming yes, so that is exactly what I am doing. Sharing a list of great bargain finds but this time we go sugar-free

With My diabeties diagnosis came A LOT of life changes. I’ve cut many things out of my diet but I must be honest sometimes the “junk food” craving hits and these are what I reach for:


Tantalize Milky Mix Super Strong Chocolate (R24)

I love this stuff so much, it’s sugar- free without the awful after taste that so many diabetic friendly products leave you with. It makes a great chocolate milk or a hot chocolate and is ideal for that chocolate craving I just can’t seem to shake.

Carmien Cookies and Cream Herbal Infusions (R25)

If I’m honest I didn’t know that tea could be sugar-free, let me rephrase that, I assumed all teas were. But I have since been told that some flavoured teas (and coffees) actually have sugar in them from the start so the Sugar Free stamp is a good thing. This tea which I got from lil sprout   is amazing, it smells great, and backs up the smell by tasting great too. The cookies and cream is my favourite from the range with the Red Mocha coming a close second.

Gullon SugarFree Choco Chip biscuits (R23)

I have had the worst experience with sugar free biscuits, honestly I found them all rather AWFUL and EXPENSIVE!!! granted I haven’t tasted them all, but the ones I have had left much to be desired. This one however IS AMAZING!!!  It doesn’t taste artificial at all, it’s not carb free so there is that level of sugar in it but it still makes for a great pick me up snack with your tea 🙂 These things are yummy and loaded with chocolate chips, which is a double win for me. Remind me a bit of the Chips A’hoy ones


AmajoyA Sugar Free Candy (R21)

I love the regular Amajoya sweets, the one with the yogurt-like filling. Sooooo Good. So I was glad to find that they had a sugar-free range. Okay so I am not going to lie to you and say that it tastes the same as regular candy,it doesn’t BUT it really is not bad at all. I like having it when the sugar cravings hit and it doesn’t suck!!! sometimes sugar free candy is just AWFUL, this? not so much.


Caring Candies chocolate bar (R14)

A friend of mine refuses to believe that this range is really free of gluten or  artificial sweeteners and is both low gi and diabetes-friendly because IT JUST TASTES SO GOOD. This is a def must buy, it is a chunky bar – Most diabetic chocolate bars are these skinny little things – and it tastes really good. It is very chocolaty though so you will end up eating only a block or two. This one gets my vote of approval!!!

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