My favourite things:home edition

I’ve been asked to post some of my own home decor on the blog and thought now is as good a time as any – best time is after the cleaning lady visits Hehehe ……here are some of my faves in no particular order

1. This wall art is actually two unrelated stickers, I just thought it worked well together even though it was purchased two years apart. It is placed above a vintage piano which used to belong to Rob’s gran. 

2. On our second anniversary Rob and I went to the Knysna area for a few days where we ended up visiting flee markets and such, I totally fell in love with this piece so Rob got it for me and even painted a section of our lounge ceiling black so my crystal beaded chandelier could stand out more, the piece was actually created as part of a community upliftment project in Sedgefield

3. Aidan’s room has featured on my blog before, but it would be so wrong to not include it on my list of favourites, his crib/cot has become more of a storage space lately as he prefers a toddler bed…will be updating his room from baby to toddler later this year.

4. (Top left in collage) this beautiful mosaic table top was a wedding gift, most things on the table are actually gifts or souvenirs, either from trips we took or trips taken by loved ones…

5. (Top right) here I have candles to light if I ever have something really big to pray about, Aidan’s foot prints are there too along with a box of memories of Logan. I used to have lots of things to remind me of him but the box is enough now…he is in my heart regardless.

6. (Bottom) that is my clock wall in tv room… I love clocks (u can see on my souvenir table that people know this about me and have brought me clocks from abroad) but as much as I love the look of clocks the ticking can drive you bonkers so only the really large one actually shows time while the others are stopped at significant times in our lives like when we got married or when Aidy was born) Aidan has a large wicker basket filled with toys in this room so it is almost  constantly a mess

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