Make a quick DIY mirror for your child’s room

This DIY mirror is one of the easiest decor projects I have ever attempted. I wanted something cute, yet functional and thought…why not a mirror, (PS. you could make a photo frame in the exact same way)…

This is how to make your own DIY mirror or frame in basically two steps:

Step one is purchasing what you will need.

I got this white plastic mirror from PEP Home for around R30. I get a lot of my DIY supplies from them because although their things might not be super durable, they have cute inexpensive things that won’t break your heart too much should the DIY flop.

The vehicles came in a pack of five, I can’t remember where exactly I bought them. I just remember that they were R16 for a pack of 5 and that means each car was under R3.50 and I like a bargain. I often make budget purchases like this throughout the year. I have a “gifting box” where I will pop inexpensive trinkets into, you know like the third item in a three for two sale. Then if someone’s birthday comes up I will make a little care package, I have been known to break up sets of toys or stationery and then sew a little something, glue a little something to make the gift unique.
(I actually think I will be sharing more of those with you guys throughout the year)

Back to this DIY mirror thing…

The second step is assembly

I decided where I wanted everything to go then glued the pieces down, initially I used resin based glue but that was a HUGE fail so I pulled out my glue gun and just glued the figurines on. If you want a more high-end look you can easily pop the mirror part out of the frame and then give the whole thing, cars and all, a coat of Matt spray paint. I liked the kitschy kiddies look and am thinking of doing a floral one for my niece.

What do you think? also let me know if you would like me to do weekly quick DIYs…


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