Not broody… but Converse onsies. OMW!

I’m not big on labels and brand names are not all that important when it comes to kids clothes, or mine to be honest, shame Aidan’s mom makes his clothes for him..hehehe

But I like Converse, I really do! see below

So when I was sent pics of their Kids Apparel Collection  I looked at it and was awwwwwwwwwwww and ohmyword’ing all over the place! too much cute…

The  Chuck Taylor All Star Slip It,  an iconic high-top Chuck Taylor All Star updated with an elastic pulltab for easy on-and-off (I need this for me!!!)

They also have Converse Kids Chuck Taylor All Star Bow Back which is  a playful sneaker with a fashionable bow detail that adds a bold pop of color .  

As a complement to the brand’s footwear, Converse  now offers classic lifestyle silhouettes, including sweatshirts, raglans, bombers, joggers and jerseys that have been treated with striking print motifs and bold Converse Chuck Taylor All Star logos.

Here are my favourites:

*Info from press release

Stylist for the day with Weddington Way

When the people over at Weddington Way asked me to try my hand at playing stylist I jumped at the chance. Who doesn’t love playing dress up?
The challenge was creating a New Year’s Eve bridesmaid look using one of their dresses, and since I will be a bridesmaid early next year it was right up my ally… I chose their Elizabeth bridesmaid dress and went for a subtle pin-up look. I believe that being part of a wedding is one of the few occasions you can “dress up” so I just had to add some whimsy with lace booties and a petticoat (not much call for it in my everyday life)

Dress: The dress is cute and flattering and even features pockets for your tissues (perfect if you are the crying at wedding type)
Necklace: I’m not usually one for strapless, so this necklace is perfect; coverage with a touch of old hollywood glamour
Earrings and bracelet: With a necklace that is that striking I opted to keep the other accessories minimalistic 
Nails: This grey manicure is EVERYTHING
Petticoat: Adds whimsy and flare
Boots: I thought why not be a little different so instead of the obvious choice of strappy sandals I opted for  lace booties
Hair and make-up: I went for a subtle pin-up look that is pretty and not overwhelming

What do you think?

Picture credits:
necklace from:
earrings and bracelet from
shoes from
petticoat from
nails from
hair and make-up Selita Ebanks

Make-up tutorial: Awesome Ombré lips.

Sorry for the late post, I usually like to get a post up every morning before 10am, but today was the first day of my “holiday” and my mom woke me with an awesome treat, she offered to pay for me to get my hair done, so uhm DUH I jumped up and went… I actually ended up having my hair did with Aidan playing lego on my lap…LIKE A BOSS,hahaha.  
Any who it’s only when I got back that I realised my post didn’t auto publish, so here goes 🙂  Daring lippy courtesy of Ranique
Summer has just about arrived!
Colour is out!
And we’re ready for action!
All the Summer fun is waiting to happen…
Longer days and shorter nights!
For the perfect Summer you will need perfect lips!
Colourful lips!
And it need not cost a thing.
You can have sexy, sweet or romantic lips with items in your make-up bag without having to buy new lipsticks and glosses.
Let’s play with around with colour …LIP colour!
Today I share ways to create Ombré lips.

Ombré which in French simply means “shaded” is much easier then it sounds.
In fact, it’s a widely used term in the beauty world.
Nowadays we play with Ombré hair, clothes, decor etc.
So let’s take on the job of “shading” lips and lip colour!
Now Ombré lips can be achieved easily!
You can simply create, mix and blend colours as you please.
And guess what?!
If you’ve always wanted to style your favourite eyeshadow colour on your lips but couldn’t find the same shade lipstick… today is your lucky day honey!
Yes one of the techniques of creating Ombré lips includes using eyeshadow on the lip!
You can create Ombré lips using the following:
* lipliner and eyeliner + lip gloss
* 2 or 3 shades of lipstick+ lip gloss
* lipstick and lipliner +lip gloss
* lipstick and eyeliner + lip gloss
* lipstick and eyeshadow + lip gloss
* lipliner and eyeshadow +lip gloss
Three Ombré looks using lipstick, lipliner and lip gloss:
Add some balm before you start.
Outline your lips with a dark shade lipliner.
Then blend a lighter shade lipstick over the lip.
Take your liner again to ouline the shape of your lips.
Add lip gloss for a glossy finish.
Apply lip gloss carefully, so the colours don’t mix together otherwise you will lose the Ombré effect.
Add some balm before you start.
Then use your dark liner to outline the shape of your lips.
Then use your second liner to blend colour on the inner lip.
Add some gloss and pout!
Add some balm before you start. 
Using a red lipliner,  outline the shape of  your top lip.
Then use a coral or orange tone lipliner and outline the bottom lip.
Use your index finger to blend some coral or orange eyeshadow on the bottom lip and a little on the inner top lip.
Add some gloss to finish off the lip.
And there you go!
In case the Ombré is a wee bit too much for you, you’ll maybe appreciate the matt lip.
Here below I demonstrate how you can set some matt lips with 3 items.
Lipliner, lipstick and blush.

With your Lipliner, lipstick and some blended blush on the lips you will have some pretty romantic matt lips.
THANK YOU  for taking time out to have a peak at the “Face Friday ” series and also for all the wonderful comments!
Chat again next week…
Love Rae

Ranique and the nude bride

We are continuing our Face Friday: Make-Up series with Ranique 🙂 and some photo ready make-up tips:


A week ago I did make-up for a very special bride in Jeffrey’s Bay.
After a trial, my bride-to-be decided to go with the nude look, because she wanted her wedding photographs to reflect that of natural beauty.

Now today I will not be doing a tutorial but will rather give you some make-up tips to help you look your best when you are photographed:

1.  Use matte colours –
Although shimmer can look great when applied, if you are a little unsure about what to do, it’s always safe to go with matte colours. 
You see matte make-up won’t reflect light, making it easy to apply and blend  and also much easier to photograph.

2.  Fill in your brows –
Even if you don’t fill in your brows on a daily basis, fill them in for your pictures. 
Your eyes and face will look so much more complete if your brows are looking polished. 
This especially goes for blondes.  Blonde eyebrows will disappear in photographs.

3.  Go a shade or 2 darker with your foundation –
Ever notice how some people look a bit spooky in pictures?
That’s because due to exposure on a camera when working with flash photography, make-up will photograph 2 shades lighter.
Now for stage make-up, I usually apply foundation 2 shades darker then my normal/actual skin shade because the lights on stage has the same effect as the flash of a camera, so I’d recommend doing the same for make-up for photos.
I also recommend doing your blush, eyes and lip colour a little more vibrant than you normally would.

4.  Use powder –
Even if your make-up is applied perfectly, if you look shiny in your pictures it can ruin your whole look.  Once your makeup is complete, use a finishing or setting powder to make everything more matte. 
I recommend even taking some powder with you for touch up, especially if it’s a warm day.

5.  Wear false lashes –
If you want something more natural, buy the individual lashes and just put a few on the outer corners.
This i recommend only if your lashes are short… otherwise use your mascara to create volume and length for your lashes.

6.  Apply your make-up in natural light – When you put on your make-up, sit by a window or in a room with a lot of natural light. 
This will give you the best idea of what your make-up really looks like, and how it will look in the pictures.

7.  Wax –
Make-up does not adhere well to peach fuzz.  Whatever you normally wax on your face, wax it before your pictures. 
I suggest waxing at least 48 hours before your pictures to give enough time for any redness and swelling to go down.

8. Wear lip gloss-
When it comes to photos, lip gloss is a must. 
Especially if your lips are on the smaller side, wearing lip gloss really helps them look full and plump in pictures.

9.  Wear black mascara –
Some people think black is too harsh for their skin tone, but I promise that when it comes to pictures, black looks good on everyone. 
Wearing black mascara will bring out your eyes a lot more than brown will. 

Here pictured below is the beautiful Gillian with her bridal make-up in the nude!

Purple eye tutorial


So someone asked me to do something specific for this week…
The daring Purple eye!

You see the purple eye for many would be a bit scary, because one wrong move and you could easily look like someone who just walked out of a bar and got knocked in the eye!

No that’s not what we want…
So today I decided to add some spunk to a plain pastel lilac eye.

It’s easy… and cheap!
I picked up this “Colours” Trio Shadow at Foshini for R20!

Here are the steps:

Step 1:
Line the eyelid with a purple kajal pencil

Step 2:
Use your angled eyeshadow brush to apply purple shadow no#1

Step 3:
Blend purple shadow no#2 over half of the eyelid

Step 4:
Use your angled brush to apply shadow no#1 under your lower lash

Step 5:
Apply your matt lilac shadow over the lid in the crease of your eye

Step 6:
Apply black eye liner and mascara

And there you go!
This is easy to achieve with any other colour.

Natural look tutorial by Ranique

Happy Friday my peaches!

Welcome to Face-Friday…

Today I decided to work on some soft pretty peach make-up.

Now for many of us peach, orange and coral lipsticks,  blushes and eyeshadows are the colours on your palette that remains unused or simply gets tossed away in the bin…
Either because you think it’s not your colour or because you don’t have the guts to try it out!

But truth be told, those colours could easily give you a quick “pick me up” look.
You see peach is such a fresh and clean colour and works well in daytime, because it adds a natural sparkle to any girls face.

So here we go, let’s start!

4 Steps to create your soft peachy sexy eyes.

Step 1:
Prep the brow and lid

Step 2:
Use your liner as a guide to see how far you want to “pull-out” your liner to create a cat eye.

Step 3:
OutLine with black liner

Step 4:
Brush a matte/shimmer peach eyeshadow on your lid and blend upward, above the crease.

Now for the lips and blush…

Peach blush is a great way to accentuate your cheekbones and give your complexion a natural, glowing look.

Step 5:
Apply a light layer of peach blush to the apples of your cheeks. Not sure which peach is the perfect one for your skin tone? If you’re cooler skin toned, you should opt for a soft pinky peach shade while warmer tones should go for a slightly brighter peach with coral/orange tones.

Step 6:
Line your lips with a nude or invisible lip pencil, and swipe on a light peach hue.
And the look is complete …

This is a great look to rock on a beach day!

Product List:
mascara – AVON Super Extend in “black”

Eyeliner – AVON glimmerstick in “black”

Blush – CATRICE in “love&peach”

Eyeshadow – CATRICE “720 Papaya Don’t Preach”

Lipliner – CATRICE Kohl Kajal “120 We found Nemo”

Lipstick – AVON colortrend “Flirt”

Till next week!