Purple eye tutorial


So someone asked me to do something specific for this week…
The daring Purple eye!

You see the purple eye for many would be a bit scary, because one wrong move and you could easily look like someone who just walked out of a bar and got knocked in the eye!

No that’s not what we want…
So today I decided to add some spunk to a plain pastel lilac eye.

It’s easy… and cheap!
I picked up this “Colours” Trio Shadow at Foshini for R20!

Here are the steps:

Step 1:
Line the eyelid with a purple kajal pencil

Step 2:
Use your angled eyeshadow brush to apply purple shadow no#1

Step 3:
Blend purple shadow no#2 over half of the eyelid

Step 4:
Use your angled brush to apply shadow no#1 under your lower lash

Step 5:
Apply your matt lilac shadow over the lid in the crease of your eye

Step 6:
Apply black eye liner and mascara

And there you go!
This is easy to achieve with any other colour.

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