Make-up tutorial: Awesome Ombré lips.

Sorry for the late post, I usually like to get a post up every morning before 10am, but today was the first day of my “holiday” and my mom woke me with an awesome treat, she offered to pay for me to get my hair done, so uhm DUH I jumped up and went… I actually ended up having my hair did with Aidan playing lego on my lap…LIKE A BOSS,hahaha.  
Any who it’s only when I got back that I realised my post didn’t auto publish, so here goes 🙂  Daring lippy courtesy of Ranique
Summer has just about arrived!
Colour is out!
And we’re ready for action!
All the Summer fun is waiting to happen…
Longer days and shorter nights!
For the perfect Summer you will need perfect lips!
Colourful lips!
And it need not cost a thing.
You can have sexy, sweet or romantic lips with items in your make-up bag without having to buy new lipsticks and glosses.
Let’s play with around with colour …LIP colour!
Today I share ways to create Ombré lips.

Ombré which in French simply means “shaded” is much easier then it sounds.
In fact, it’s a widely used term in the beauty world.
Nowadays we play with Ombré hair, clothes, decor etc.
So let’s take on the job of “shading” lips and lip colour!
Now Ombré lips can be achieved easily!
You can simply create, mix and blend colours as you please.
And guess what?!
If you’ve always wanted to style your favourite eyeshadow colour on your lips but couldn’t find the same shade lipstick… today is your lucky day honey!
Yes one of the techniques of creating Ombré lips includes using eyeshadow on the lip!
You can create Ombré lips using the following:
* lipliner and eyeliner + lip gloss
* 2 or 3 shades of lipstick+ lip gloss
* lipstick and lipliner +lip gloss
* lipstick and eyeliner + lip gloss
* lipstick and eyeshadow + lip gloss
* lipliner and eyeshadow +lip gloss
Three Ombré looks using lipstick, lipliner and lip gloss:
Add some balm before you start.
Outline your lips with a dark shade lipliner.
Then blend a lighter shade lipstick over the lip.
Take your liner again to ouline the shape of your lips.
Add lip gloss for a glossy finish.
Apply lip gloss carefully, so the colours don’t mix together otherwise you will lose the Ombré effect.
Add some balm before you start.
Then use your dark liner to outline the shape of your lips.
Then use your second liner to blend colour on the inner lip.
Add some gloss and pout!
Add some balm before you start. 
Using a red lipliner,  outline the shape of  your top lip.
Then use a coral or orange tone lipliner and outline the bottom lip.
Use your index finger to blend some coral or orange eyeshadow on the bottom lip and a little on the inner top lip.
Add some gloss to finish off the lip.
And there you go!
In case the Ombré is a wee bit too much for you, you’ll maybe appreciate the matt lip.
Here below I demonstrate how you can set some matt lips with 3 items.
Lipliner, lipstick and blush.

With your Lipliner, lipstick and some blended blush on the lips you will have some pretty romantic matt lips.
THANK YOU  for taking time out to have a peak at the “Face Friday ” series and also for all the wonderful comments!
Chat again next week…
Love Rae

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