Five looks with minimal effort (with Label Collections)

Can I style five looks with one dress and my shortest hair ever?

That’s what I asked myself recently. Well I didn’t ask myself about the hair because when I chatted to Label Collections about the challenge I didn’t even know that I would be sitting here with practically a TWA (teeny weeny afro). I did know however that I missed fashion  posts and love challenges so I wanted to try it out.

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Three strand twist out and product review

You guys know I have a thing for big curly hair #boskop #naturalcurls #transitioning
I’ve chatted about why I love the big poufy natural look before HERE and HERE and I’m pretty sure HERE but I have never shared the products I use or tricks I’ve learnt in this hair journey (I say journey as I am not quite there yet) so I thought hey why not… people ask me in real life and then I’m like a deer in the headlights so why not do a post about it; I write better than I speak.

So here is my first ever hair care post 🙂 and review on the new all natural hair product range from

The all natural products I tried are the The Perfect Curl and The Perfect Cowash
These glass containers of goodness are available through

Whenever I try a new product step one is to do a wash and go.
I washed with the cowash and although I was nervous being myself with a glass container in the shower I found the bottle has a notch in it that ensures a good grip.
It’s a little confusing this wash. You get the feel of a hair mask all thick and puddinglike (is that a word? probably not) but your hair actually feels very clean after like you had a good wash…
I then combed through the curling cream and at first the results were underwhelming… but after a quick defuse I liked the poufy result. I wanted a little more definition though (I’m transitioning from chemical straighteners so I have to put in a little more work) So I tried the product again but this time as a three strand twist out . . .
First step was to wash my hair with the cowash (great stuff this, for detangling too)

I then did the twist… You take a  section of hair divide it into three and do not braid, twist twist…
See below because it’s hard to explain. I do a tightish braid at the top and twist the rest.

I did that at night so to make sure it was super dry before
  I loosened it I did a head wrap and rocked my twists

This head wrap is so over the top!!! love it 🙂

Results from the twist out  🙂

  *received product for review

Not broody… but Converse onsies. OMW!

I’m not big on labels and brand names are not all that important when it comes to kids clothes, or mine to be honest, shame Aidan’s mom makes his clothes for him..hehehe

But I like Converse, I really do! see below

So when I was sent pics of their Kids Apparel Collection  I looked at it and was awwwwwwwwwwww and ohmyword’ing all over the place! too much cute…

The  Chuck Taylor All Star Slip It,  an iconic high-top Chuck Taylor All Star updated with an elastic pulltab for easy on-and-off (I need this for me!!!)

They also have Converse Kids Chuck Taylor All Star Bow Back which is  a playful sneaker with a fashionable bow detail that adds a bold pop of color .  

As a complement to the brand’s footwear, Converse  now offers classic lifestyle silhouettes, including sweatshirts, raglans, bombers, joggers and jerseys that have been treated with striking print motifs and bold Converse Chuck Taylor All Star logos.

Here are my favourites:

*Info from press release

From baby bag to beauty bag – five multitaskers

I feel that it’s safe to say most of us are way more organised when it comes to shopping for baby than we are when it comes to shopping for ourselves, chances are you will run out of make-up remover way before you run out of baby wipes (Is that just me? hmmm)

So I compiled a list of products you can grab from the baby bag when you are in a pinch and I hope that you will indulge me by adding your own favourites to the comment section 🙂

Sudocrem is my preferred bum cream, I’ve been lucky that Aidan has had only one incident
of nappy rash in his little life and this stuff nipped it in the bud, Sudocrem is awesome and it works for mommy too; bites, irritations, anything…I’m a huge fan

Ran out of shaving gel? quick, grab the Elizabeth Anne’s special shampoo, it works great
and leaves your skin feeling nice and moisturised
It’s said to be great for stretch marks as well  although I never tried it

This is my friend Funtangly, say hello to the people Funtangly…
I have such tangly hair when it’s straightened, my hair is like NO! WE WILL NOT CONFORM!!!
Then I’m like HERE have some of Aidan’s Funtangly and be detangled!!! and it works
 I swear by the stuff

This isn’t technically a baby product, It’s coconut oil , but I use it on Aidan’s dry skin and hair, it’s kind of a everything product in my house; cooking, skin, hair EVERY BODY NOW!!!! coconut oil for president!!!

You know how you are not supposed to sleep with make-up on?
You know that yesterday’s eyeliner doesn’t count as smokey eye just because you slept in it?
Dabbing this on a cotton ball removes eye make-up which is AWESOME 🙂

What is your favourite multitasking product?

fashion you can play in

Even before my first pregnancy I always knew I would be one of those moms who “dress up” their kids, but it came to my attention rather early on that the kid I am tasked with is not the “sit around looking pretty” kind so I had to come up with a middle ground of sorts,  stylish (Hey he won’t let me dress him for very long, indulge me) but practical playable clothes, Mr Price and Jet Stores are really my go to when it comes to clothes because it’s fashionable things that won’t break the bank… Also I make a lot of his things, and he wears Oh!Boy things a lot and I’m very blessed that people buy him clothes for birthdays and Christmas and I love them for that…

Batman t-shirt (Mr P) Chinos (Gift) Scarf (Oh!Boy) Sneakers (Gift)
Top (Mr P) Pants (Gift) a scarf and a clip on snood worn together because he wanted to (Oh!Boy)
How the outfit looks when refusing to get out of mommy’s car
Denim Dungarees (PnP, bought for his first birthday but only fits now)
Top (Ackerman’s)
Snood (oh!boy) pants (oh!boy) Cardi (Mr P)
he has other shoes I promise
Mr P head to toe
I swear he has other shoes
Track pants (Pep) Red t-shirt (PnP)
Shirt (Jet) Pants (Gift) Boots (Mr P) Bowtie (Oh!Boy)
Hat (stolen from dad) clip snood (Oh!Boy) Pants (Gift) Jersey (MrP)
Track Pants (Pep) Boots (MrP) Jersey (MrP) scarf (Oh!Boy)
Beanie (Daddies one the other way around) Top (Pnp, set of 3)
Jacket (Gift) Pants and Snood (Oh!Boy)
Full view
Apart from boots this whole look is made up of gifts 🙂