Three strand twist out and product review

You guys know I have a thing for big curly hair #boskop #naturalcurls #transitioning
I’ve chatted about why I love the big poufy natural look before HERE and HERE and I’m pretty sure HERE but I have never shared the products I use or tricks I’ve learnt in this hair journey (I say journey as I am not quite there yet) so I thought hey why not… people ask me in real life and then I’m like a deer in the headlights so why not do a post about it; I write better than I speak.

So here is my first ever hair care post 🙂 and review on the new all natural hair product range from

The all natural products I tried are the The Perfect Curl and The Perfect Cowash
These glass containers of goodness are available through

Whenever I try a new product step one is to do a wash and go.
I washed with the cowash and although I was nervous being myself with a glass container in the shower I found the bottle has a notch in it that ensures a good grip.
It’s a little confusing this wash. You get the feel of a hair mask all thick and puddinglike (is that a word? probably not) but your hair actually feels very clean after like you had a good wash…
I then combed through the curling cream and at first the results were underwhelming… but after a quick defuse I liked the poufy result. I wanted a little more definition though (I’m transitioning from chemical straighteners so I have to put in a little more work) So I tried the product again but this time as a three strand twist out . . .
First step was to wash my hair with the cowash (great stuff this, for detangling too)

I then did the twist… You take a  section of hair divide it into three and do not braid, twist twist…
See below because it’s hard to explain. I do a tightish braid at the top and twist the rest.

I did that at night so to make sure it was super dry before
  I loosened it I did a head wrap and rocked my twists

This head wrap is so over the top!!! love it 🙂

Results from the twist out  🙂

  *received product for review

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