How to make popcorn in a brown paper bag

Do you make popcorn in a brown paper bag? It’s the norm over here to such an extent that I’ve taught my 5-year-old to do it. I know he is “a baby”, but I’ve been teaching him to be self-sufficient since he was an actual baby… Why stop now.

popcorn in a brown paper bag

It’s ridiculously easy, but since you clicked on this post I’m going to guess you don’t already know how to do popcorn in a brown paper bag thing, so here goes…

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How to reuse your cereal containers – NutriStart

Have you been using NutriStart tubs and are now left with empty containers? Well I have a couple of ideas to take the earth guilt out of using these super convenient bowls. Because you guys know up-cycling is our thing around these parts.


My love of my city (Nelson Mandela Bay) has seen me whole heartedly support our biggest exports like Mastertons coffee, Soga organic juice and now a company very close to my heart, NutriStart.

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Reasons to buy proudly South African (win a Opal Jay babygrow)

Liam is now the proud owner of an Opal Jay babygrow, which is definitely one of the best babygrows I have ever seen. I am not saying this just because they sent it to us to review, I promise, I’m not even saying this because one lucky reader will get one of their own, I am saying it because this thing has so many features, it’s like a fancy sports car of the baby wear world…is that a thing?

I mean the sleeves and the cuffs flip over to make gloves and socks! The zip location means you don’t have to fully undress you baby to change his bum. The material is ridiculously soft and the designs are striking. Def not mass produced to follow the latest trend, type stuff…

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How to restore your curls after straightening

Are you looking to restore your curls after a stint of going straight? I recently cried in the shower and then gave my stylist an emergency call, but I’m proud to say that both my sanity and my curls gave been restored.

restore your curls

Restore your curls, might not be the proper term, I’m referring to getting your hair back to that pre-heat pop. So not after relaxer, that’s a wait it out situation, I’m talking hair iron and the like.

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The best ways to save water, starting now

If ever there was a time to save water, it is NOW. Well, we should have been taking care of our resourses for ever, but the looming drought has me feeling like maybe the plan to  save water! should be pretty high on everyone’s agenda

Not to long ago, I went to a #skiptheflush event. We were introduced to some amazing products which you could use to kill bacteria and eliminate odour when not flushing. Because every time you flush that is liters of water LITERALLY down the drain, fresh usable water.  I have been using the Skip the Flush products and have a review coming up soon , but before that, here are some water saving tips I got from them…some of these are obvious and others are plain genius!

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I’m fake and I hate it

I hate the concept of being fake, I have always loathed it.  No matter what, there was one thing that people could never take away from me, my authenticity. I pride myself on phrases like “Eleanor you are exactly like I expected you to be” or “Eleanor you are always you, no matter what”. But things have changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I still do things with the same motivation, with the same heart, with the same end goal. It’s just that I have been doing a lot of play acting lately and I don’t like it…

in fact, I’m fake and I hate it.

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