South African National days to pencil in (with gift ideas)

Am I the only one who keeps forgetting National days? I’m not even talking about national milk tart day or international lipstick week.

I mean I forget everything after Valentine’s day (Which I don’t particularly celebrate). I thought I might not be the only one with this problem, so I decided to share a list of National days for you to pencil in – and give you some gift ideas because I rock

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Be Kind…starting with yourself (guest post)

I’m the first to say “be kind” just “be kind” but I’m not that good when it comes to being kind to myself… this sparked a conversation with a good friend about kindness, like charity ,starting at home.

From time to time I have friends over, not to my actual house, I’m not that sociable, but over here to my blog where they can share their wisdom with us and this “be kind to yourself damn it” message is as wise as they come…

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