Mushroom pasta bake recipe

Just here to share our mushroom pasta bake recipe. It is also pretty easy to make vegetarian for plant-based eaters.

It should be noted that we are in no way shape or form professional chefs. As a couple, Rob and I just like trying out different food and sharing our finds, so that is what you get here… Some budget meals that don’t look or feel like budget meals.

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And don’t come at me for measurements, Rob says he cooks with feeling, not scales, sooooo, good luck 🙂

Mushroom Pasta Bake

What you need
tablespoon crushed garlic
half red onion chopped
quarter each – red and green peppers chopped
small punnet of mushrooms sliced
basil to taste
bacon (optional)
Cheese to melt onto
Pasta (we went with bows)
Your favourite white sauce

What you do
Saute garlic, onions, and peppers in a little olive oil and seasoning of your choice
Add mushroom and cook the pasta separately
Add some basil just before mixing everything together with white sauce
Sprinkle cheese and bake until cheese melts

For something even simpler try out the Spinach and Feta Pasta this is from 2011 so excuse my photography and other things, the recipe makes up for it in taking like no time to make and being yum.

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