Easiest hand puppets ever!

I needed to make hand puppets the other day and did not want to buy any additional supplies so I came up with this…  A quick easy puppet DIY using what you probably already have:

What you need:

– An old t-shirt, I used one where I just could not get stain out
– scissors
– thread
– acrylic paint (stolen from my 2-year-old’s craft box)

My hand looks weird here, anyway’s fold a piece of paper in half and trace like above

When you open it up you have the template for your puppet, trace around your template
(You would want to turn t-shirt inside out, I only thought of this after, oops)
Sew where you traced, it kinda looks like ghosts

cut outside your sewing

Now turn them inside out
Draw on the puzzle and start decorating, you might want to get kids involved for this step

Look I made a little girly 🙂 I glued on some buttons and bows…the possibilities are endless

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