Storybook DIY: home based chocolate factory

Morning all, you know the song …WHO RUNS THIS MOTHER?…. the answer right now, the flu virus, sheesh, can’t we get sick one at a time maybe?

Any who I am involved in a really cool blog challenge where me and three other book/DIY loving bloggers each chose a book and over the next four weeks will be doing crafts based on these:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Suddenly a Mom)
Cinderella (Ruth Abercrombie)
Alice in Wonderland (My Spreadsheet Brain)
Peter Pan (Me,JustEllaBella)

Today is Charlie and Chocolate Factory , the book (and the movie, lets be honest) makes me think CHOCOLATE!!! but as a grown person aware of the calorific and sugar loaded truths of a chocolate lake I decide to make something a little more, “big person” but just as chocolaty…

Ginger choc popcorn 

Yummy ginger choc popcorn at 118 calories per serving if you share…
Three cups of air popped popcorn
candied ginger slices
dark chocolate (I went all fancy with Frey’s Dark Crunchy Almond)

chop up about 15g of the ginger
mix in 20g melted choc with the ginger 
Enjoy the deliciousness!!!

It can get a little messy, I know because Aidan saw me eating, ran to his room, returned with a wet wipe and told me to clean my “choccy face”…he is getting quite a mouth on him that one, his dad was playfully chasing him around to “catch his nose” when he stopped mid run, turned around and said “here, just take my nose” hmmmmmmmmmmm

The other bloggers came up with super cool Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired Crafts:


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