Easy peasy dry erase activity board!

I bought these awesome Mellisa and Doug crayons (Exclusive books) which you can use on a dry erase board! seriously how cool is that! there were no age appropriate learning mats in the shop at the time(that’s what the are for really), but I figured Aidan could use it with the dry erase board I bought him at Macro a while ago…he has been using it with magnets (I was scared to let him use the marker as he has already spoilt so many of his good clothes by sneaking markers) but hey crayons are different…

The size of the board was a bit of a problem for taking along (you guys know I LOOOOVE take along toys)

So I came up with this mini board using a DVD cover (we have tons of them because we tend to save our dvd’s by putting them in holders before someone uses the covers as building blocks) so I could make this with just a cover and a few printed pages…like so

What I used:

A DVD cover

Print outs: For colouring in I got Disney colouring pages off www. HappyKids.com
For the second I drew shapes using paint, those could be used with play dough as well
(make dough into shapes)
The third page is blank on one side for drawing and a gingerbread man on the other for fun decorating

 What you do

Cut pictures to size and slide in DVD holder, where cover art would go
– I have all three in there and just alternate


It’s really this easy and you can easily wipe with a cloth

or use a dry erase marker

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