DIY Doggy jersey

So my sister brought home two dogs, one of which is a tiny little thing that was freezing her lil bum off, Her constant shivering made me feel really bad for ,Β her so I decided to make a little sweater/jersey/top thing to help keep her warm, here is what I did:

What you need:
  • A pair of old tights or sleeve off a old jersey/sweater (I went for warm tights that I never wear because one leg seems to be smaller than the other-go figure)
  • scissors
  • anything you’d want to use for embellishing (I went for pink ribbon because without that I was sure she’s look like she was wearing
  • measuring tape (goodluck trying to measure a wriggling little puppy)

What you do:

  1. Measure the dog from neck to hind legs and then from neck to front legs
  2. Use the first measurment to determine the length of “sleeve” or “pants leg” you need
  3. Cut offΒ  the “cylinder” you need
  4. Then use the second measurement to determine where you need to cut holes for front legs
    make the leg holes a third of the way up
  5. Then attach your embellishment with needle and thread / or sew free glue πŸ™‚


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