#ECMeetup gets a photography lesson

The #ECMeetup  bloggers spoke and we listened…

We ran a survey asking what you want to hear about and the two topics that came out tops were Branding and Photography, for branding we have the Amazing Mandy Lee Miller of Tums2TotsPregnant in Cape Town and #CarSeatFullStop fame. She is an industry expert, on the topic of social media influencing, blogging and marketing and you can read about her on MySpreadsheetbrain.

Allow me to introduce our Photography speaker!!! Davene Prinsloo

Davene Prinsloo gives more than just her name to her photography business; she pours her heart and soul into it.

Having started as photography assistant ten years ago the Nelson Mandela Based based new mom has been running Davene Prinsloo Photography for the past five years.

In this short time, she has made her mark as a sought-after lifestyle photographer focusing on weddings and portraits and her work has been featured on an array of bridal and lifestyle websites.

Davene is largely motivated by the beauty of her surroundings and has a unique the ability to enhance others lives with it.

“I love getting to inspire through the work I do and getting to create in process”

What really stands out in her work is how much she enjoys it, “I love my job, I love the freedom that comes with it”.

Her work speaks for itself as she was able to give up working as a teacher and dive headfirst into a successful photography career.

As a blogger in her own right, she is ideally placed to give insight into making your pictures speak for you

Davene started dabbling in the blogging world in 2011, her blog was called Love, etc. and she teases that The body shop owes her royalties for the name.

She stopped the blog the next year to shift her focus to full-time photography. She is back at blogging now and can now be found at Doing Dae.

Davene believes that one of the biggest mistakes bloggers make when it comes to photography is a lack of consistency.

“Consistency in the style of their photos, the lighting and simply in the size of their photographs,”

She hopes that her #ECMeetup talk will have bloggers walking away feeling empowered to take better and more beautiful photographs for their blogs.

Davene can be found on DoingDae and DavenePrinsloo

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