Happy birthday Aidy – you are my hope (party pics)

I’ve been running on reserves when it come to hope. I’m not in the best mood,   but again, who is? The world’s news headlines read like we are being run by comic book villains and South Africa’s finances are on par with mine…junk.

Things could be so much better BUT there is this glimmer of hope there is this niggling feeling at the back of my mind, a feeling that things will be okay.

I see people pulling together, I see people really caring and mostly I see kids who are able to look past all the BS and live their best lives and THAT gives me hope.

What gives me hope more than anything else is Aidan. There is such an aura of love and peace that surrounds him I feel like if I can just nurture it I would have done something right.

This curly haired joker isn’t perfect. I can’t get the little self elected vegetarian (He doesn’t want to hurt animals) to eat a proper meal, in fact he has taken to calling himself a fruitarian because he prefers fruit.

He doesn’t sleep well. Often I will leave him in his bed looking drowsy and ready for bed and I will wake up with a Lego castle/drawing or a fort which was created in the night. This means he is inevitably tired and cranky during the day.

He can have a short temper with his cousin, Caleb. Caleb at only two is already such an “annoying little brother type” he will declare Aidan’s Lego castle a chair and sit on it, he will hide pieces of Aidan’s puzzles or when told not to touch Aidan after a fight he will sit so annoyingly close to Aidan that it will break out in another fight which goes something like

A: Mommy Caleb is touching me

C: I not touch you

A: You are almost on me

C: Still not touch you

A: *push*

C:  *shove*

A: *scream*

C: *grabs bike to run him over*

A: *tries to push him off bike*

C&A: *Armageddon, end of the world, naughty chairs, time outs, wine for mommy/aunt, separation*

C&A: I miss him so much I neeeeed him , I looooove him, why are you keeping us apart

But, all that aside there is something special about this kid (said every mom ever) He has a way of looking at the world that puts adults to shame.

Like the fact that he has decided to befriend a little boy who is a loner and has taken to lashing out against the other kids. He is the only one who plays with him. When said boy turned on him recently and caused a bruise I was ready to turn into a finger pointing, head swaying “no, you didn’t just hurt my baby” type mom. When I was told that Aidan has  gone back to playing with the child. I asked Aidan about  it.

Me: I thought he hit you why are you guys playing again

A: No one else at school loves him mommy, if I don’t play with him then he is all alone

M: Don’t your friends play with him?

A: They are scared because he hits, but I’m not scared, I don’t run away. I think he is like Caleb, he fights but he doesn’t know why he fights.

M: So you don’t mind playing with him even when he hurts you.

A: I’m his friend, sometimes friends hurt each other and when others are mean to him that’s a kind of hurt too.

M: *realises her preschooler just summed up bullying*

Aidan says things like that ALL THE TIME he says things like

“People don’t eat cats and dogs because their friends, I wish people could make friends with cows and sheep”

“I wish I didn’t have to go to school and could work instead, that way I can make money too and then you and daddy don’t have to work so much because we could share”

He also has interesting views on beauty. He loves with his whole heart, he forgives and asks for forgiveness and is just such a cutey petutey.

Sometimes I think I should really just lock him up in a tower so he doesn’t grow up to be a jerk.

Aidan is an old soul if ever you saw one and I am extremely blessed to be his mom.

Happy Birthday my baby

I am planning on doing reviews on all the people who made his party possible.  This includes Monkey Magic who I chatted about last week. Riempies who let us use their amazing venue, Mo Fire Photography for the video and MyButterflylens for the pictures (I have handed over the reigns of butterfly lens to my cousin Desthea) Also how adorable does Aidan look in his Lil Punk outfit

But here are the pics so long

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