DIY Hot Chocolate Dipping Spoons

It’s winter and that calls for hot chocolate, or at the very least Hot Chocolate Dipping Spoons 

Hot Chocolate Dipping Spoons

This is probably on of the easiest winter themed crafts out there. Hot Chocolate Dipping Spoons are basically just that, spoons you DIP into hot milk for a delicious mug of hot chocolate… here’s how to make your own


– a slab of dark chocolate
– cute spoons – These were left overs from my niece, Taylor’s princess party, her mom bedazzled them 🙂


– Melt chocolate, I’m lazy and do it in the microwave…put it in for a minute, check consistency then put in for 30 second periods stirring till you have melted chocolate.
– Dip spoons in making sure to get a nice spoonful and cover the back as well
– Set aside to set
– Your Hot Chocolate Dipping Spoons  are ready to be made into mugs of hot chocolate
Aidan thinks they double as awesome lollipops  🙂
He loves dark chocolate-his mother’s child


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