How to hand paint sneakers (watermelon fun)

The other day I got it into my head to hand paint sneakers, so I grabbed a bunch of fabric paint (I have a decent collection but you can buy a full set of little ones for around R150-and make quite a few projects) a pair of oldish sneakers and tried my hand at making watermelon sneakers – as one does.

These particular ones are Tomys I wore to the very first color run – this is when I found that Tomys have f’all foot support-the soccer mom in me still loves them though.

They were pretty much ruined by the color powder and despite a rather good wash the sneakers just looked a little too dirty beige for my liking.

First thing I did was prep some green paint in two shades aswell as a nice bright red.

I painted the base colour… which is green at the toes and red around the rest. I let it dry…if you paint a thin coat it dries rather quickly. Then I went over with a darker green creating a watermelon peel like effect. I used a green sharpie which is specifically for fabric to go over and create slight shading. Then used a black marker to create seeds.

The sneakers dried crazy fast and were ready to wear in like an hour…I let it dry overnight though, just to be sure…

I would totolly do this again with some cheap sneaks, this particular pair had been washed so many times that the stitching was coming undone a little,, so the lines don’t look as clean as I’d like but it was an awesome first try and I can now say I can hand paint sneakers

There you have it a quick little DIY. You can let your imagination run wild and paint shoes for dress up outfits or grab some friends and some wine and make a night out of it

Would you try this, would you hand paint sneakers?

let me know…



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