Going 50 Shades in decor (Easy furniture white washing)

When I received an email with the words 50 Shades Freed, I was intrigued. Even though I am yet  to watch a 50 Shades of anything movie or read any of the books I have not been living under a rock so the term is super recognizable, so what did Prominent paints have in mind here? Decorating one of those “entertainment rooms” I’ve heard about maybe, eish not my speed.

Turns our the focus was on different shades of grey, which I can totally get behind as it’s probably  my favourite colour in the world. They gave me a voucher and sent me off in search of my top picks out of way more than 50 Shades of grey.

My ultimate favourite thing on the blog is when brands give me a challenge to do (Be it food, fashion, decor)…I have done a  Prominent paints room make-over   and I used left over paint they donated to me for a charity project (which I’m waiting for pics from) for Aidan’s room decor. So this is not my first challenge from the company…so the wheels started turning. What did I have that needed some redoing?

Enter this chair which I got second hand (by the looks of it , it could have been third hand and the seat used as a chopping board at some point) but it was beautiful none the less and cost me R45. I don’t have a great before picture because my phone with all my pictures on is currently at the bottom of the deep blue sea (no jokes, it fell off a yacht, this is why I should leave boat cruises to fancy folk). I have used the chair for insta pictures before so here is what it looked like before.

I’m calling this a “faux white wash” because I did not sand the whole thing down and did not sand the whole thing down, use a primer or a top coat (you totally should if you want this to last) But as this chair is really just for looking pretty in a corner until I need it for an insta picture, I used this inexpensive but really pretty “faux technique”

What I needed:

  • Matt water based paint in three colours (you can use two, I was just excited at the options)
  • Two paint brushes
  • Acrylic sealant (you know for where they used this poor chair as a chopping board)
  • Water and a cloth

What I did

I would usually sand down furniture before painting but this chair was pretty raw already so all I did was give it a good clean to rid it of any excess oils.

I then filled in all the little holes and cracks with acrylic sealer (The chair was R45 remember) and left it to cure according to the instructions on the pack.

Using my three shades I painted the legs and top rim (I’m pretty sure that is not the technical name) in the middle tone. I used a little water to dilute the paint and have the grain peak through, I used a dry brush over the painted parts to make even more of the grain show through and give it a white washed affect vs a painted opaque look. (The really helpful manager at the PE Prominent paint store, reminded me to dilute water based paints with water and oil based ones with thinners, if you want this specific look).

After the legs I did the back of the chair in a lighter shade also dry brushing to get a slightly translucent effect.

When if came to the seat section I went for a darker shade and a opaque look , because I wanted to be fancy and extra, obviously. I bled the colour up onto the back rest of the chair and slightly onto the legs. I then left the whole thing to dry overnight. It feels dry pretty quickly but like paint experts will tell you, don’t trust the touch test, let it cure properly (usually 48 hours) before putting on a top coat.

So there you have it my “faux wash” 50 Shades freed inspired chair, what do you think?

I had this other chair that an old lady gave to my dad as a thank you when he helped her out with something. It was beautiful but worse for wear so I scrubbed the thing down (the seat had candle wax all over it and there was years of grime around the chair – DAMN YOU ARIEL FOR TAKING MY PHONE now I don’t have pictures to show) I scraped and scrubbed it down then sanded the metal legs to get rid of specs of rusty paint that was hanging on to it, then I painted the metal parts in my dark grey, so I sort of have a set… I’m a recycled table away from a tea party for two 🙂

What do you think?


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