Nail DIY from Miss Mandy!

So I know this really cool girl who has started a new business Miss Mandy Manicures… and she has agreed to share a DIY with Justellabella readers whoop whoop….here is how to do super funky tuxedo nails as well as tribal nails.


STEP 1: Apply a coat of white nail polish to the desired nail. Draw a bow-tie on the top of the nail close to the cuticle. Then 3 dots below the bow-tie which will be ur buttons.
STEP 2: Draw a V on the nail, please refer to picture.
STEP 3: Pain the edge of the nail as seen on picture above.
STEP 4: Seal your Tuxedo Nail design by applying a top coat of clear varnish


STEP 1: Paint each nail a different color, bright and colorful.STEP 2: Draw 2 horizontal lines across the nail plate with the paint brush using contrasting colors.STEP 3: Draw lines, triangles, dots etc with a tootpick, diped in black nail polish.STEP 4: Seal design with clear nail polish.

*note from Miss Mandy: I didn’t use Nail Salon brushes to do art because it is a home DIY, so I used a toothpick or orange wooden stick. πŸ™‚

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