Growing my hair with Hair crack 

Hair crack is a new buzz word in natural hair care in Nelson Mandela Bay and I got to find out just why that is.

Their focus is on hair growth and since my hair focus is also currently growth, I thought I’d try it out.

I tried the hair crack oil and the spray and this is what I found. 

Hair Crack Oil


For deep conditioning both hair and scalp, the oil can be used daily, as a pre-poo or a hot oil treatment. 

How it works for me

As the product is coconut oil based my hair was not the biggest fan of this product. However, my sister and sister in law found my loss was their gain. They both style their hair by blowdrying and this product has been amazing for both of them as it seems to nourish their hair and  reduce damage. 

Hair crack spray


This is a protein booster which can be used daily as a light spray or used over night or just before washing hair. 

How it works for me

I use the spray for my box braids to keep them looking fresh while the active ingredients promote hair growth. It also helps refresh curls and soften my hair. This one is a winner and has been a go to for me.

– I chatted to the lady boss behind the product, Aimee January, and she revealed that the product development came from her own hair needs.

“I started using oils when I  saw my own hair becoming dry, brittle and unhealthy. I used to use sheen straightener to get my hair sleek during high school, and over the years it damaged my hair so badly that I completely lost my natural curl and volume, ” she said.

She experimented with different oils and came up with her signature recipe. 

“I developed my recipe, using different oils – each for their own special ability for repairing my damaged hair – after 6 months of daily use I saw the difference in my hair, it grew longer then ever, and the overall health and condition improved.” 

The product was initially just for her and her daughter, but people started noticing. 

“People started asking me what I was using and I started sharing my concoction with  friends and family members,” she said. 

The idea to start the business started there.  “I have no other hair care experience other than trail and error with the oils testing it on different hair types and ethnicities”

Since starting her Hair Crack business Aimee has seen incredible growth in both her hair and her business.

She has since added products to her range and is available to chat over on the Hair Crack facebook page. 

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