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For the last few months we have been using green cat organic products. The results have been pretty positive and I thought I’d share with you.

Green cat organic was previously known as Black cat organic and I’ve used a range of their products before, but this time the focus was pain relief.

Pain Gel

Rob has a lot of “old football injuries” none of which are from football. He did put his body through a lot of strain with army basic training and the army, industrial firefighting training and firefighting and also the police. So he gets aches and pains a lot. My lovely self was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, so my knees and back can hurt something fierce, but I didn’t want to rely on constant medication. This slightly menthol smelling ointment is really good. Rob loves it and so do I. Made with Arnica, Horsetail, Cayenne Pepper and Pure CBD the ointment is cooling and relaxes your muscles almost instantly.

Super hero

This product is part of the 420 range, these oils can be used in a diffuser for inhalation, on the skin pulse point (behind the ears, wrists etc) in diffuser jewellery or warmed up in the navel. Super hero oil is recommended for pain, fever, headaches, period pains, fibromyalgia, migraines, tension, anxiety, stress, PTSD, joint pain, arthritis, fluid retention, prostrate, ADHD, shock, gout. Since going off my usual contraception my period pains have returned with a vengeance. It seems to be helping when accompanied by a warm compress I intend to use it more to see if it helps with fluid retention, something that I have been struggling with since my first pregnancy.

Focus and Anxiety essential oil blend

One of the great things about green cat organic is that they will mix a blend specially for you. Aidy has had issues with anxiety since he was little, it affects his sleep patterns, has had him sent home from school with tummy aches and more.
This oil is used in a diffuser bracelet but can also be used on pulse points or belly button. It really felt like it was working but the lockdown has amped up Aidy’s anxiety and thrown his sleep patterns back out of wack. So I’m thinking of moving from diffuser to body applications.

CBD oil

Full Extract Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil – Mixed With Organic Coconut Oil
This is my lifesaver. I use daily for anxiety and it really takes the edge off.

  • For a review of the previous products I tried out check out this post, I chat about: Black Cat health oil (orally consumption), Black Cat CBD skin care oil (pump action bottle), CBD detox clay, CBD and lemongrass glycerine soap, Black Cat Tumeric and Cayenne capsules

Please note that the products were received as a trade exchange but as always my opinions are 100% my own

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