Hightlights from Taste of PE

So I took my “foodie” (Rob) and my “no foodies please” (Aidan) to Taste of PE this weekend. I really loved the relaxed vibe and although more stalls, bigger portions/smaller prices would not have hurt I think it was a pretty big success… Food and drink lovers just chilling on the Boardwalk festival lawn hanging out and trying new things πŸ™‚
We didn’t plan on taking Aidan with us but because the cousin he was going to stay with came down with German measles we took advantage of the “kids enter free” policy and ended up having a blast.

Rob loves craft beer, apparently this one has something to do with bubblegum and bananas
Aidan’s uncle yian was there too (Ryan)
I’m told this pasta with venison meatballs was amazing
The chickpea chip and dip was so amazingly delicious
 – But really only 5 chips?!?!
Look I had a cocktail while out with my son – Judge away Judy!!! πŸ™‚
Ended up having like a sip because my tastebuds are not sophisticated enough to appreciate so much cucumber
So when you take your kid to a food festival but all he wants is crackers with processed cheese
The way he loves his aunt Nene (Jenine)
Pomegranate and Rose infused wine!!!!
 Jenine had wheatgrass infused, mine was better
Aidan was disappointed that he didn’t make age grade for Craft station
Like a Bos, hehehe

4 thoughts on “Hightlights from Taste of PE

  1. Jonker Fourie says:

    They took a big chance to hold this outside but luckily the weather held up. I missed it unfortunately but looks like fun. I did hear that the food was a bit on the expensive side for what you got.

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