Our Stampede cruise adventure with Experience Days

Recently I got the opportunity to choose an experience through Experience Days. I went for a waterfront cruise with Stampede Cruises and despite losing my phone in the ocean I highly recommend it.

The trip was booked through the Experience Days website at only R250 per person for about two hours and includes light snacks. There are other options like the oyster cruise and the nearby island cruise and even an option for custom cruises but myself, Rob and four friends, decided to go basic for our first trip with Stampede Cruises.

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Starting new family road trip traditions with Wimpy

I was recently asked to join in on the Wimpy #MoSummer campaign and jumped at the chance because (those who have been following the blog would know) I am all about spending time with my family. The guys over at Wimpy asked me about my favourite family memories and I immediately thought. ..ROAD TRIP!

Growing up we would often all pile into the car for long trips around the Christmas and Easter holidays.  I have vivid memories of my parents, siblings and grandmother heading off on the long road, sometimes a cousin would come along and to this day I am not too sure how we fit into my dad’s little Datsun. We still have pictures, many of them with the sun blocking half the picture or heads cut off (I am a before digital, child) but despite the pictures not being all that clear they spark amazing memories.

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Ultimate Garden Route Checklist for Families

 I need to take a trip down the Garden Route, and here is why. See, I woke up with a sore jaw, which means it is safe to say that I had been clenching the whole night, which in turn means I am beyond stressed. Life is crazy lifelike at the moment and I need a break. I was chatting to my friend Amelia from Suddenly a Mom and she suggested a road trip. The over achiever also gave me a list of kid friendly places to stop when I finally get my A into G.

From Amelia: It’s summer holiday time! Which means that it’s road-tripping-with-bored-children time too, and the Garden Route is about to be tested by the most discerning of clients (everyone under 18 years old) to see if it has what it takes to keep everyone happy on a family road-trip.  But, in true Garden Route style, it just doesn’t disappoint when it comes to offering a fabulous variety of things to do, see and eat.

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Review child-friendly activities with Kiddcierge and win

Are you looking for child-friendly activities? Well you are in luck Kiddcierge is an online service that helps parents on the lookout for child-friendly activities, places to visit/eat/stay. It’s the friend you ask for advice about a certain venue, “what can I expect? What can I do there? Why should I go there”


I have recently started working with the service in a bid to share more about the city I love; Nelson Mandela Bay. My First review was of Van Stadens resort one of our absolute favourite places to hang out. Honestly it wouldn’t be summer without a couple of trips out there.

Kiddcierge aims to take the guesswork out of finding a place that suites their family, because child-friendly activities might be plentiful but how do you know if it’s worth the trip out there and the entrance fee? (real talk)

“We know, you’re tired. Tired of always looking for something to do with the kids. Tired of not having amazing resources to make it easy. Tired of spending so much time trying to figure it all out. Here at kiddcierge our sole mission is to make parenting a little bit easier on all of us. Because really, isn’t it hard enough? Together we can harness our amazing community of rockstar parents and help each other navigate this crazy ride called parenthood TOGETHER. Let us give you back some of that precious time lost always trying to figure out what to do next. Now go ahead, go take that well deserved nap. You’ve earned it.”

You can help your fellow parents out and possibly even win!

Leave just ONE review on kiddcierge.com and comment ‘done’ with your username on this post on the competition post on the kiddcierge FB page to go into a draw to win R500 to use at the kiddcierge listed business of your choice! 

Want extra entries? Add more reviews!

Competition closes 15 Dec 2017.


Hooray for Game Reserves! Today my friend Amelia from Suddenly A Mom shares the best take to take your wild things to see wild things 🙂

Summer holidays are just around the corner! “Yahoo!” I hear you shrill. “I can’t wait for six weeks of bored kids! My favourite!” Nope? Just me? No matter, I’ll still share some of my favourite kid-friendly game reserves in the Eastern Cape with you; because game reserves are amazing fun for the whole family. There isn’t a person with a pulse that doesn’t get a thrill out of seeing a lion or elephant in the wild. So, visiting a game reserve is how hours are passed and memories are made in the best possible way. And the Eastern Cape is just brimming with options:

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