Homemade cream cheese in a jiffy

Homemade cream cheese seems like it would be a costly process right? all curds and whey and a muffet on tuffet? Not this recipe, it’s ridiculously easy.

A friend of mine gave me this recipe at a Mexican night,Β ages ago and now I make it on the regular, because it tastes amazing, looks fancy and is cheap. Man I love fancy things that don’t cost fancy money.

I’m not sure if you can legitimately call it cream cheese but Β I do because it’s richer than cottage cheese.

What you need:

  • Full cream Amasi (the more you use the more you make, I would start with the smaller bottle to see if you like it, because I don’t want you making a ton of the stuff, hating it, then cursing me)
  • A colander (rice strainer thingy)
  • A dish cloth
  • A bowl

What you do



  • Place colander in bowl
  • Place cloth in colander
  • Empty the contents of your Amasi into the cloth
  • Leave in fridge over night

Then what

  • you will wake to find all the liquid has dropped into the bowl
  • squeeze out excess liquid
  • you will be left with cheese in the cloth
  • flavour with a little salt and pepper or herbs, my favourite is to add sweet chilli sauce and eat it with crackers SO GOOD!

A litre of Amasi is like R15 that makes atleast 500g (like minimum) of cream cheese, cream cheese is like R25 a 250g tub…so you are welcome πŸ™‚

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