6 steps to fool proof baby food :)

Aidan is officially on solids for about two months now and eats pretty well (read: wrestles spoon from me and spits food in my face less now) Apart from the rice cereal he started on I have been making all his baby food from scratch, which means I know exactly what he gets in and I’m saving loads of money …

1 jar of butternut baby food (two feeds) = Around 8 rand   
1 butternut (makes about 16 servings) = Around 8 rand

I suck at maths but even I can see that this is a great plan
– and when it comes to convenience I just pop frozen baby food into a handy lil container and off we go, it defrosts during the day and lunch time we are ready to go 🙂 (he has had food from jars but that is usually bought by a grandparent or by us when we forget his food at home)…

My basic method is
1. Chose food (butternut, apple, pear, carrot – for starters then get more adventurous as you go along)
2. Prepare food (peel, chop, core, that sorta thing)
3. Cook (steam, boil, bake, depending on food in question)
4. Blend (pretty self explanatory, stick in blender and wizzzzz)
5. Freeze in ice-cube tray (you could use little containers but I found this the easiest)
6. Pop out blocks into airtight container and use when needed  🙂 (lasts in freezer for about 3months)

For info about how to know your baby is ready to eat or what to feed at what age group and so on and so forth, go to the following site it is a real life saver: http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/pureebabyfoodandstore.htm

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