How Arendsvlei’s Melissa de Vries keeps her curls popping

Earlier this week I chatted to Melissa de Vries – yes the dance teacher on Arendsvlei on KykNet. We got all serious about how she deals with self-doubt and how she stays grounded while spending so much of her life on stage or infront of a camera.

But as most “curly girls” know, it’s super difficult to speak to a “member of the tribe” who seems to have winter proof hair without throwing in a…. Uhm so what’s your routine… And luckily for you I was forward enough to ask the question you all want to know an answer to.

How does Melissa de Vries always have perfect hair despite her grueling schedule and all that sweat causing exercise/dance routinesThe dancer and TV personality was cool enough to answer

How Melissa de Vries keeps her curls popping:

– Get a good trim every 3 months
– Don’t blow or flatiron
– After wash, do a lekker Hair mask or treatment (Dr Miracles) to nourish hair (especially when you have highlights or colour on your hair like mine)
– Then add the Curl Cream at the end and let it air dry for best results
– I love My Natural and Aunt Jackie’s brand but each person should use whatever brand suits their needs

Back to me, I’m still trying to find my own perfect curl routine so will be testing out a few new products over the next few weeks… Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop

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