How to create a reading space (WIN with Kidsbookclub)

Some of my fondest memories are cuddling up with a good book.
I live in a small town and as a kid – either because I was pretty naΓ―ve or because things were safer back then – my best friend at the time and I would walk to the library and spend hours just BEING THERE.
They knew us by name and would keep our favourite books and suggest others, I loved it.

But things are different now, everything is much more hustle and bustle and most parents are not going to let their kids walk over to the library by themselves and they don’t have the time to watch them as they wander through the isles.

Libraries are still one of my favourite places in the world BUT I’m a realist and know that having a reading space inside the home is a little more practical. Aidan is a big reader (I mean he is a big memoriser and repeater of books, but it’s a good start) He doesn’t have the best reading area yet (a giant pillow and a vegetable rack is like so not on people) so I’m looking into creating a great reading area for him…

What I think a reading area needs:

Good lighting (I used to read by flashlight under the covers but would like him to have something better, hehe)
Comfortable seating (I can get lost in books for hours -when I used to have an attention span that is- and think a comfy seat is very important)
Book marks (I hate losing my place in books and don’t appreciate folding corners over in books, so a container of bookmarks in my reading area would be awesome, I mean Aidan’s reading area)
Storage space (I have a vegetable rack right now, it works okay but you can’t see what you have too well, so a book case would be preferable)
A theme (because, Hi I’m Eleanor and I love themed things)

Below is what I’m leaning towards click on pic to go to site

Reading Nook...cute with the framed books!Love the fact it's in the living room! I would love to put an adult reading area near the kids reading area!:



You will need books to fill your reading space so why not sign up to Kid’sBookClub.   I’m really chuffed with the whole concept. You get two books and two magazines every month which is awesome. The books are specially picked for your child’s age group and you can add an additional kid at R99 and a third at R89.
Free delivery and a bunch of free activity sheets online make this a bargain! KidsBookClub even donates R1 to the Bokamoso Educational trust for every month you sign up for, which is a great cause.

My mom watches Aidan for me after school so our subscription has become an
awesome gift for the both of them, he gets books, she gets magazines, I get rest πŸ™‚

You can win with Kid’sBookClub just in time for Christmas πŸ™‚ A months subscription for the readers in your life!!!

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