It’s ten months since we said goodbye

Letter to Logan

So it’s ten months already…. your head stone is up with your little hand and foot embossed on it, I’ve placed all your memorabilia in a little box with a big blue bow and we have scans,birth certificate and so on framed…your garden is being kept neat … but that’s it, sadly there is nothing else we can do for you. As time moves on things change, like the fact that you will be a big brother soon and at the end of this week we reach the point with him where we lost you and we are so scared, we do not want to go through this heartache again, not with your loss still so new and gnawing…
Ten months on we speak about you less…we don’t visit your grave as much but we still love you as much as ever little man, we still shed tears thinking back and still think of you as our first child, our little angel…your story has touched so many and I am so proud to be your mommy


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