And then Japsnoet joined in as a stocking filler

Excited to introduce you guys to Japsnoet today!!! They are the latest company to add to my stocking filler competition and I am thrilled

Sumarie of Japsnoet  (Kiddies furniture) is giving away discount vouchers to her newly launched online store. You get two, one for you and one for a friend and I am sweetening the deal by adding accessories from my own little hand-painted wooden jewelry range. But first, what is Japsnoet?

Japsnoet is a new start-up business, that has officially been trading for about 5 months.

It’s a family venture that came about when Sumarie’s sister announced she was pregnant and the family started weighing in on what they could make/do for the nursery, as this is apparently a family with carpentry skills (my family mostly has sarcasm skills and that is not marketable, sadly). They fell in love with the products they were making for the nursery and boom Japsnoet was born.

“We have a family with IT boffins, designers and furniture manufacturers,.. This has allowed us to get the business off of the ground the way we have, which we are incredibly happy about,” said Sumarie.

Working with family is a big plus for her. “Working with our family is a blessing few people are granted, and we just love every second of brainstorming together for new designs and new ways to get the business  ‘out there'”

The company name comes from an Afrikaans term of  endearment  used to describe a toddler that is witty, adorable and unique, which they feel fits their brand perfectly.

Japsnoet is currently working  on launching a  website.

“We hope to have an official launch date by beginning of November. Until then, we have a subscription box on our website ( ), we will be sending out various discount coupons and surprises to subscribers in the first month of our website launch so we would love to encourage all new moms and moms-to-be to subscribe as soon as possible”

To stand a chance to win discount vouchers from Japsnoet and a selection of my very own jewelry below, follow the prompts…go to JAPSNOET’s fb page and come back to tell me what you would use your voucher on….GOOD LUCK


10 thoughts on “And then Japsnoet joined in as a stocking filler

  1. Carmen Edwards Pretorius says:

    I think the pine cot in different colours is the winning item! it is stylish and a space saver with the shelves. Great stuff!

  2. lameez says:

    The Toddler table set would be so usefull and a huge help to keep my twin girls busy and learn ro sit and eat .so much more through thier milestones.always wanted a table set for my girls .

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